16 November 2022

S1 Luxury Suites & Rooms

A sweet rest in the heart of Trieste

We are in the heart of the city, more precisely at 1, Via San Spiridione, to discover a gem that opened its doors just a few weeks ago. And who could be behind this marvelous and ambitious project if not Walter Gustin himself who, with his 040 Group, counts several venues scattered around the city? From 040 Social Food to...shall I refresh your memory? The list is long! There's DRAW, LOFT, PIER, all the way up to the more recent BOA BEACH.

Yet Walter was missing something. Yup, missing from the roll call was a little place designed for staying in town, where he could welcome guests from outside Trieste. Said and done: he transformed 320 square meters of his property into four suites and two rooms, right in the middle of Borgo Teresiano.

I had the chance to see them in advance for you and I was happily surprised. The finishes are truly marvelous and follow the common thread that unites all of Mr. Gustin's little places: wood, iron, plants, and the recovery of modern-day furniture revisited and repurposed by turning everything upside down. One example? An old record player can turn into a nightstand.

Seen that we’re talking about record players, here in every room you will find vinyls, ready to play impressive and intriguing background music. The beauty of this lies in the fact that the sound comes out of super modern speakers, resulting in a clean and crystal-clear sound.

The wood of the floor blends perfectly with the warm colors of the walls, from sage green tones to blue ones, to the anthracite gray that characterizes some rooms: they mix in a successful combination with the satin-black bathroom fixtures.

In room N1 you’ll find the private SPA consisting of a whirlpool shower and waterfall. Isn’t it crazy? What’s wonderful about this place is that no two rooms are the same, they all differ in some detail. Which is quite tasteful, I might add.

The hanging beds give the room a clean and essential feel, yet they still give a sense of great hospitality. A kettle and a coffee capsule machine are the common element of the rooms. Some spaces are even equipped with a hot plate, which is ideal for chefs, who never go on vacation! The courtesy kits are also very well-finished, with super-soft bathrobes 🙂

The finishes are refined and never mundane, as I already mentioned: designer lamps alternate with modern antique pieces, and light, white curtains complement a fitting system of interior shutters, the perfect solution for those who sleep in total darkness. As for the silence element, there’s no problem: triple-glazed window frames will not let even the slightest noise in from the busy Carducci and San Spiridione streets. Some rooms have small balconies from which to admire charming views of the city such as the Roman Theater and Piazza della Borsa.

A parking space for the car? Again, it’s no problem here. The nearby Park San Giusto will be the ideal solution.

The rooms are mainly doubles, but some also have a double or single sofa bed.

I think these shots (taken on a rainy day!) speak volumes.

And now we come to the point of the article. Since this is a brand-new project, the website is not yet active. So if you want to book a room you will have to write an email to: s1luxurysuites@gmail.com or resort to Booking.com by clicking here

How much does it cost? Obviously, it varies depending on the season. In November (which is considered low season) the room prices range between 110 and 130 euros per night for two people, a price I think is absolutely in line for a place like this.

To recap: you've asked for a few videos on my social medias, you have a small article with photos...I'd say you have no excuse but to go!


Foto Michele Grimaz





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