The offer

I work in the Central European territory for companies and institutions that aim to promote their tourist attractions.

The service she offers is taylor-made: a custom project will be designed for each customer, which will include the creation of previously unpublished content to be shared on social media profiles and with the entire fan base, or advertorials in two languages completed with professional photographic services, to be published on the website.

Proposal for events and co-marketing with partner companies, presentations of new initiatives or products, consultancy for the restyling of activities in the HoreCa sector, and teaching or interventions for storytelling of case studies of the activity.


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The team

It is a project with one head and many well-coordinated hands.

Over the years, the team of professionals has expanded, whilelearning to “get the ball rolling” to perfection, interpreting MissClaire’s taste and style and applying to each project. Chiara can count on the help of 3 photographers, a journalist who takes care of the editing, two translators for the English section of the website, a webmaster and several other collaborators who write about architecture, Central European cuisine recipes, the Film Festival in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and sports.


What they say about us

The Croatian National Tourist Board has established the "Zlatna penkala" (Golden Pen) award which every year awards the author of the best tourist report, online/blog or best television broadcast on Croatia. All representative offices abroad of the Croatian National Tourist Board are tasked with nominating their most deserving representatives who will compete for this prestigious award.

The Milan commission, examining all the reports created in 2018, decided to nominate MissClaire for the article dedicated to the island of Cres, published on 30 April 2018 and which will compete together with the other services created by foreign journalists/bloggers all awarding this prize.

On April 6, the Croatian National Tourist Board awards MissClaire as the best blog content for 2018 worldwide.


Carinthia, the southernmost part of Austria, is the only meeting point in Europe of three completely different cultures and this diversity can be felt throughout the region. So - who could be the perfect ambassador of this land if not the legendary Chiara?

Living a short distance away (2 hours by car) she comes when there is a need to promote a romantic dinner on the lake, a particular excursion, a new wellness center or an unusual day in the snow.
Chiara arrives, experiments and her authentic enthusiasm immediately resonates in direct requests or on our website. You are always welcome, dear!

Elke@Ente Regionale per il Turismo della Carinzia

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Il Piccolo 

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