Grado, 5 things you can’t miss

Back to the Golden Island with sea, wine, boats, artisans, and hospitality
I’m back in Grado, too. At least once a year I must absolutely "clock in" on the Golden Island to…
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BiTS, bike sharing in Trieste

A sustainable alternative service to public transportation
What does bike sharing mean, I hear you ask? We’re literally talking about shared bikes, but rental definitely describes it…
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Alta Badia: let's enter the new Badia Hill and experience the Dolomites

Between downhill and cross-country skiing, wine tastings in mountain huts and...
It has been four years since my last time in Val Badia and thirty years have passed since I last…
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Among villages and nature: the authentic paths of Carnia

We discover ancient trails, local food and wine, and the unique multibuilding hotel in Comeglians
Here we come to the conclusion of my Carnic winter tale. We’re on our fifth episode, and like Thumbelina I…
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In Carnia among spas, Nordic skiing and lanterns in the night

Paluzza, Arta Terme and the Laghetti di Timau: here's what to do around here
What have you been up to? Have you missed my previous stories about Carnia? Oh, that’s very unfortunate. Before reading…
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Zoncolan: code word skiing!

Lezioni sulla neve, pernotti da favola e una baita per hotel
It really must be said. Hot on the heels of the other Carnic stories (if you missed them, here they…
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In Gradisca d'Isonzo for a weekend of relax and much taste

Friendship, Spa and culinary delights at the Hotel Franz
We’re in Gradisca d'Isonzo, one of Italy's most beautiful villages and the perfect point from which you can easily reach…
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Ovaro, Val Pesarina and Raveo: the hidden treasures of Friulian Carnia

Excursions, food and wine and a night in a barn
Hiking, food and wine, and a night in a barn Every promise is a debt, so here I am again…
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