17 June 2024

BiTS, bike sharing in Trieste

A sustainable alternative service to public transportation

What does bike sharing mean, I hear you ask? We’re literally talking about shared bikes, but rental definitely describes it better! BiTSwas born in 2020, but it was handed over to Trieste Trasporti only the following year. What is it all about? There are one hundred bikes available for tourists and citizens alike, scattered throughout the city (including the suburbs) and located in as many as 23 bike stations. BiTS is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Let's take a closer look at how it works, shall we? Before you hop on the bikes, you'll need to download the Weelo app, register (only people over 18 years of age or minors over 16 with parental permission) and choose the subscription with tiered credit that best suits you. Here you have a small prospect:



Put 5€ in on activation.

There are no deadlines or additional fixed costs: you only pay when you pick up a bike.

For each rental: 0.50€ for the first half-hour or fraction of a half-hour; after the 30th minute, 1€ for each half-hour or fraction of a half-hour.



You can travel for 6 hours, even if in a non-consecutive way, from the time of purchase.

Valid for 24 hours from the first rental. Renewable as many times as you like.



You can travel until midnight on the day of purchase, with no time constraints or withdrawals.


9€ per year + put 3€ in on first activation.

It’s valid for 365 days from the first rental. It’s renewable and rechargeable as many times as you want. Rentals for less than 30 minutes are free. For each rental: 0.50€ for each half-hour or fraction of a half-hour up to the 120th minute; 1€ for each half-hour or fraction of a half-hour after the 120th minute.

Let’s now look at it from the practical point of view. I tried BiTS for the first time some time ago: I was in Miramare and had forty minutes exactly to get downtown and dash to a business lunch. It was Easter and the city was teeming with tourists, the buses were overflowing with people... but then the cyclostation appeared before my eyes. I downloaded the app on my smartphone (I have to admit I even contacted customer service because I couldn't figure out how to detach the bike, and through a cell phone number and a couple of whatsapp messages I solved it in no time) and arrived on time in Hortis Square for lunch!

What do they call it? Love at first sight. BiTS is a smart way to experience the city, it’s sustainable, practical, and not wasteful. And I must say that I am really happy to see how many young people are using this service... it gives me hope for a better future!

Until the next adventure!


Ph. Massimo

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