The Botanical Garden of Villa Mirasasso

A must-do experience in Sežana, Slovenia
On January 16th, 2016, I published in my blog my very first article dedicated to this green paradise. Today, looking…
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Discovering the Soča Valley

Go to Slovenia to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature
We are only two hours away from Trieste. After not even five minutes into the highway, leaving behind the Natisone…
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Natisone valleys, going over the Slovenian border

Two days and five stops at just over an hour from Trieste
Yes, you read that right. Only an hour and fifteen minutes from Trieste, although the word "valleys" brings the mind…
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Rogaska thermal baths…they’re not only for old folks!

I’m back to the Atlandida Boutique Hotel with some friends
Once upon a November 2018, I came here to celebrate my 40th birthday with some friends (if you missed the…
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A paradise called Dolenjska

A trip to its discovery
It’s been almost a year since the last time I’ve put my feet on the green fields of Slovenia, and…
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Brda, relaxing at Gredič’s with a good Medot wine.

The Slovenian Collio always gives you strong emotions.
I love to check out new places close to Trieste where you can spend a nice weekend while relaxing and,…
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Špacapanova hiša, Komen’s restaurant in Slovenia

Tradition, territory and fabulous flavors
We’re just 20 minutes from Trieste and I suggest you reach this restaurant from the Monrupino border; from here we…
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The flavors of the Valley of Vipava 2019

Sunday 12th and Monday 13th of May at Zemono for a delicious festival!
There’s a wonderful place I’ve already told you about many times. A place that in the spring time is covered…
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