6 May 2019

The flavors of the Valley of Vipava 2019

Sunday 12th and Monday 13th of May at Zemono for a delicious festival!

There’s a wonderful place I’ve already told you about many times. A place that in the spring time is covered in thousands of colors: the Vipava Valley, Vipavska which means dolina in Slovenian, is an area that spreads from the Gorizia plane to the Resderta hills, in Slovenia.

Right here, among vineyards and blossoming cherry trees, they’ll be hosting the 13th edition of the Okusi Vipavske festival, the flavors of the Vipava valley! The festival is planned for Sunday the 12th and Monday 13th of May, from 3pm to 9pm. The setting? You should know it quite well by now! This lovely event is hosted at the  wonderful castle of Zemono 🙂

During the event, 45 wine producers form the Vipacco valley will offer a taste of over 100 premium wines. But that’s not all! They’ll have cheese, cold cuts, honey, oil, fruit and typical desserts and pastries. Everything from this wonderful land!

But let’s take this step by step. I’ve already told you the place, date and time. What I haven’t told you yet is that on Monday the 13th, at exactly 12 o’clock they’re organizing a special lunch at the restaurant of the Zemono castle; a special event created by two Croatian chefs (Teo Fernetić of the restaurant Pelegrini in Sebenico and Rudi Štefan of San Rocco in Verteneglio) who collaborate with him. When I say “him” I obviously mean Tomaž Kavčič.  You can try this spectacular experience, a starry lunch that includes a reservation and a cost of 110.00 euros.

If you want to take part in the lunch you have to book ahead, and if you want a little more information you can find everything here https://www.okusi-vipavske.si/it/index

After lunch? From 5pm to 7pm, local restaurants will join the wine producers! You’ll be able to taste the incredible creations of the restaurants Termika, Arkada, Repovž, Tratnik, Kendov dvorec and Hit; as well as Villa Podvin, Sinji Vrh, Kromberk castle, l’Ošterija Žogica, the Lisjak 1956 farm, Podfarovž, Agriturismo Malovščevo, Smrekar farm, Locanda Ruj, the restaurant of the Hotel Triglav 1906 in Bled, the Tomažič farm and Agriturismo Saksida. Sorry for the long list but I really had to name them all 🙂

Here’s the link to the web page with all the details about the thirteenth edition of the festival, including the complete schedule https://www.okusi-vipavske.si/it/program

Okusi Vipavske is the main event organized during the month dedicated to the flavors of the Vipacco Valley, from the 22nd of April to the 19th of May; for all this period 18 restaurant of the local territory prepared very special menus (here you’ll find the complete list of the restaurants, their dishes and the prices).

It’s the perfect moment to taste so much good food all at once! Okusi Vipavske is organized by the Agency of Development ROD Ajdovščina in collaboration with the wine producers of Vipava and first-class chefs.

But there’s once more thing to say that I left for last. Not because it’s less important! At the end of February, the restaurants and local food producers united for a unique project that aims at creating sustainable development, promoting the local food and wine tourism industry and local sustainability, connecting rural and urban areas, and sustaining small and medium enterprises. I think it’s a brilliant idea!

I love to get to know about projects like these. I love to talk about food, local territories, new ideas and in general, about anything that works!

I’ll see you at Zemono 🙂



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