Sartoria Ripense

A paradise for a tailored man
Ripense tailor shop dresses men from head to foot, tailor made without leaving out any detail. Andrea Luparelli, carries on…
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Igor Suhenko

The art of shoes
Class of '65, Igor Suhenko was born in Belgrade where he graduated from Graphic school. In 1988 he gets to…
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Happy Socks

Because socks reflect your personality!
Happy Socks was founded in 2008 in Sweden by the creativity of two friends that use colour to spread happiness…
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Bow-tie or dicky-bow…

Elegant, ironic and adaptable for men as well as for women!
Not French but Croatian… it supposedly was the Croatians (and not the French, the name is obviously misleading) the first…
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G10: a new life for the raincoat
I must admit that sometimes husband are not only useful for changing light bulbs in the household; sometimes they surprise…
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A Danish brand that specializes in handbags, bags, wallets & Co.
It unites elegance and simplicity in a product that celebrates the excellence of manufacturing. The colors are sober and they…
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