Bow-tie or dicky-bow…

Elegant, ironic and adaptable for men as well as for women!

Not French but Croatian… it supposedly was the Croatians (and not the French, the name is obviously misleading) the first to use the bow-tie, or it’s ancestor if you prefer.
During the 30-year war, men used to tie their shirt, probably button less, with a bow.

Only later on this bizarre and iron little bow was adapted by the French that made it into a male fashion accessory that was exported to the rest of Europe.


Made of silk, cotton or wool. With polka dots, stripes of a thousand different geometric patterns, the bow tie allows ample space for imagination. It has always been shown off in elegant occasions and today it became something particular to wear everyday to enhance our look.
A versatile accessory that embellishes a man’s outfit or enriches a woman’s wardrobe.


On the Internet I found many cute items, strictly hand made in Italy and with the most unthinkable materials. Of these I noticed some made of recycled wood, recovered from old flooring, chairs and furniture.


Original, fun and versatile, the Wooden Bow-tie comes in different models and shapes… small masterpieces to transform our look.
Look out for yours;) !




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