Italian Fable: From Italy to Trieste and then to the rest of the World

The start-up that offers a selection of delicacies in their Surprise Food Box
A few months ago, as I was taking a walk along Trieste’s Karst, I met an old friend, Paola Fonda,…
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Draw x3 with great developments!

Show cooking, brand products and coffee from all over the world!
Do you remember me telling you about this place a few months ago? Draw ( is a special place in…
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Alberto Rocca: wooden sculptures Made in Trieste.

Artwork born from a deep connection with nature.
Another casual encounter… When Trieste’s local newspaper “Il Piccolo” published an article about my web project connected to the opening…
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Vud: local designers Made in Trieste

Wood, ceramic and metal in a mix of Nordic and Japanese style.
In Trieste almost everyone knows about VUD and its workshop in via Diaz 15a, but I definitely need to talk…
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The best places to work in Trieste when away from the office…

Adaptable also when mobile working
With my job I can work anywhere - as long as I have my computer, my smartphone and my notes…
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Trieste, dining among the waves of the gulf of Trieste

Mare in B, an event you can’t miss
“It’s like being a tourist in your own city” is what one of the guests who took part in the…
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L’isolachenonc’è (Neverland) in Trieste: local leather artisans since 1979.

My first handbag and the first custom made sandals for my son!
Everything always starts by chance … the first heat forces me to pull out summer clothes and, like every year,…
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A lunch worth a medal: At the 3 Magnoni in Trieste

When your passion becomes your job
This is what happened to Daniele Valmarin, that 18 years ago –when he was only 20 –decided to fulfil his…
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