18 July 2016

Trieste, dining among the waves of the gulf of Trieste

Mare in B, an event you can’t miss

“It’s like being a tourist in your own city” is what one of the guests who took part in the Mare in B event said! Now I need to tell you what it’s all about…

The event, organized by Container_120 and the Restaurant Al Bagatto, is a wonderful tasting on the Delfino Verde, a boat that offers ferry services in the Gulf of Trieste.


We boarded at 8.30 pm to sail at sunset across the Gulf of Trieste; we left from Piazza Unità d’Italia after toasting with a glass of Dorigo (a wine company from Friuli), and we sailed towards the castle of Miramare, to admire it in all its splendour.






On board, the famous restaurant Al Bagatto, known in town for its excellent selection of fish, offered its guests two delicious dishes: a gazpacho with scampi and an octopus salad.





On board, the famous restaurant Al Bagatto, known in town for its excellent selection of fish, offered its guests two delicious dishes: a gazpacho with scampi and an octopus salad. Time flies by as we sip a glass of wine and chat pleasant, and in no time at all we’re already in Santa Croce, where the captain Claudio takes us close to shore and then on, to the small port of Santa Croce before we head back.




As we pass by the Diga (Trieste’s breakwater), where they are hosting a very lively evening, we are tasting ice cream from Jazzin (and ice-cream producer from Trieste): a dark chocolate truffle that encloses all the tropical flavours of passion fruit ice cream.


And I have to say that passion was this evening’s leit motiv: passion for my city, to be happy to live here and always thrilled about new discoveries as if we were here for the first time, the excitement of a culinary trip on a boat, the enthusiasm in meeting new people and taking part in new events. Passion for my job and the wonderful things I see, passion in telling you about them, with the hope that you too can experience a part of these sensations!

With a last photo from the bridge of the boat, I eagerly look forward to the next Mare in B event in September!

Ph. Andrea Zangrando




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