22 June 2016

Lazzari presents a beachwear collection

Are you beach body ready?

Remember Lazzari? I’d already talked about it : "Lazzari: Young, fun and refined, with a reminder of Vintage", and presented it’s clothing line, but now put your “Sea side fashion” mode on because it’s time to introduce their beachwear collection.

In between its vintage style and patterns with flamingos, dinosaurs and swans, Lazzari also launched a bathing suit collection with a slight nostalgic vibe.




These retro style patterns take me back to Matthew Williamson’s fashion shows and these wonderful flamingos remind me of the SS Gucci collection, in fact we think that next season will be a flamingo triumph.





Lazzari is a company born from a passion for fabric and handmade, and all its clothing is made in Italy; the bathing suits are made in Lycra and all properly lined. To create the patterns, Lazzari works with BOUFFANTS & BROKEN HEARTS and Kendra Dandy, an artist and designer from Philadelphia.


The swimsuits from the 2016 collection are eight: five bikinis and three full body swimsuits that will satisfy any request; the bathing suit with some frill, the patterned one, the single colour one and even one with an open back. For the two-piece Lazzari suggests a brassiere top, a slightly stuffed band top and a bikini top, while the bottoms also come in different styles, from high hip culottes, frilled models and laces. All the models come in 4 sizes, from the 40 to 46.



The colours range on the light side, and in line with next summer’s fashion and the shapes are the ones of a pin-up.





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