29 June 2017

The show Liberty at the stables of the Miramare Castle

A day in Trieste dedicated to history, art and the sea

It’s baking hot today, but that’s what summer is all about really. So, I decide to organize a “refreshing” day and visit the new show that just opened, about “Liberty and the European art revolution”, taking advantage of all the summer services that my city has to offer.

I decide to reach the castle of Miramare by sea. I head to one of the piers close to the centre of town, Molo Bersaglieri, and board the Delfino Verde towards Sistiana. Piazza Unità from the sea is even more beautiful, and on the trip I get the chance to admire the Porto Vecchio (the old port) and the coast of the city.


After two stops I get off at the port of Grignano, from where you can walk up toward the park of Miramare. A relaxing and refreshing walk in the shade of big old trees, that passes in front of the castle and then heads down towards the stables.




Here they are hosting a very interesting show, with artwork from the rich collection of the Decorative Art Museum in Prague.


Liberty, also called Art Nouveau, was a cultural movement that hit Europe and involved all the arts with a spirit of renovation and a strong ethical charge that wanted to change life environment and social conditions.

They show pictures and lithographs, posters and delicate jewellery, vases from best Bohemian,  glassmakers, furniture and decorated fabric, accessories and functional objects (beautiful cutlery) because the movement looks for beauty and balance in art and in life: an independent art that interests the cultured medium class, not only the high social classes.




Among the pieces I prefer, there are a few dresses with surprising details, that testify the transition of woman’s role, that in this period starts to take part in “society”, attending cultural parlours and earning a certain independence of thought and style.








Beautiful furniture, that would look great in MissClaireHome: the house was built in 1908, right in the golden years of Liberty and on the doors they still have decorative details in the style.



They also wrote a few quotes by Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha and other artists and promoters of this “360 degree style”.


The show is open until the 7th of January 2018, but if you want to get there by boat remember that the ferry service of the “Delfino Verde” will be active only until the 7th of September.







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