9 January 2020

Zadar: 4 restaurants to note down

Meat, fish and traditional plates

What did you say? You missed the first episode of my tales from Zadar? Here it is! As I promised, today I’ll talk about FOOD. I’ve selected these four restaurants just for you: you absolutely have to try them! Shall we start?

Let’s begin with KORNAT, an elegant place that I had already tested during the spring. Their chef, Pierino, comes from Zadar but has lived in Rome for many years. Here, as in the majority of restaurants in Zadar, you will be offered both meat and fish. It couldn’t be otherwise: Zadar faces the sea, but not far away from here are mountains with many pastures and delicious meat!

At Kornat’s, I undoubtedly tasted the best risotto ever. But I have to be honest: when I saw it coming I feared I was in being given an over-cooked mush. And then…BOOM! It was an explosion of truffle and beef. A perfect combination, that went wonderfully together with a good glass of local white wine.

The second course was also excellent; it was made of ravioli and meat medallions. I didn’t finish it though, I was too full 🙂

If you love Konobas as much as me, PJAT is a mandatory stop. You will found it on Stomorica Ulica, the movida road! It’s decorated with a rustic taste but is really curated, the servers are fast and smile a lot and their kitchen has classic offers. I had a very good soup (Croatian soups are amazing, trust me!) and the traditional sarmas.

If you go around the corner, you’ll spot BRUSCHETTA, a small restaurant with modern decorations with an Italian name that’ll serve you Mediterranean dishes with Dalmatian flavors. Obviously, bruschetta is their signature dish! I ordered the most requested one: the one with scampi… delicious! I really appreciated its combination with a mascarpone chees cream, red pepper oil and bell peppers. It sounds weird, I know…but it’s really good!

This wonderful slice of bread has been followed by a grilled sea bass filet served with a scampi red sauce and polenta: amazing!

I want to close this tasty poker with PET BUNARA. They’re right behind the main square in Zadar and their cozy modern decorations will heat your heart and soul. Here, on my last night, I decided to order the classic dish that EVERYBODY has to order in Croatia once in a lifetime…you guessed it, didn’t you? SCAMPI ALLA BUSARA! Ok, I agree with you that December is not exactly the perfect time to eat scampi…but according to Croatian law, they always have to be blast-chilled and I like to think that the ones I ate were actual Croatian scampi…well, I limited myself to only judging their taste. And what a taste! They were so good!

The homemade squares of pasta were really good too and their three kinds of home-baked bread were as excellent as their wines and the final gin tonic. What to say about the very complete and well-described dessert menu? Personally, I let a traditional dessert seduce me, the Šinjorina Smokva, a delicacy made of the curd of the chees of the Pago Island, dried figs, fig jam, white chocolate and a sponge cake. A PLEASURE for the palate.

Is with this sweetness that I want to close my tales from Zadar. What do you think? Did I give you enough ideas to plan a trip around here? I really hope so 🙂

My car filled with delicacies and many new memories in my heart, the time has come to go back home…but my luggage is ready again to follow me in new adventures. Where will I go? You’ll find out very soon…


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