A trip to Bled: some things to see and do

Out to discover the natural wonders of Slovenia

If you’d like to spend a weekend immersed in nature, or even just a Sunday trip, here’s my suggestion: go visit the area around Bled.

After a walk around the small town (with a stop to taste lovely typical pastries) we wanted to reach the island in the center of the lake, the only natural island of Slovenia. Here they have a group of historical buildings, like the Church of Santa Maria Assunta built in the XV century.


With 12 Euros each you can have a local gondolier take you there as we did, or with 15 Euros you can rent a boat for an hour to reach the island with your own forces.

Unfortunately there were 4 of us and lots of luggage, and the boat was barely floating without tipping over (this vehicle is recommended mostly for couples with a good sense of balance).

The adventure was worth it: from the center of the lake there’s a lovely view of the mountains and the medieval castle built on a cliff above the lake that reflect in it’s cold and dark waters.







We miraculously reached the shore all in one piece and dry, and then went up to the castle to see the wonderful view from up there.




Another sight you don’t want to miss is just outside the center, the Gorge of Vintgar, set in the National Park of the Tricorno, just 4 km from Bled.

It is 1.600 meters long, between Mount Hom and Mount Borst, where the Radovna stream has flown for millenniums and dug a passage, bringing to life an unblemished pathway between the blue of the water, the grey of the rocks and the colors of nature that grows in this paradise.











To make everything even nicer we chose to go in autumn, when red, yellow and orange leaves reflect in the crystal water of the river.

A pathway like the ones from “Indiana Jones”, made of bridges, walkways and dirt tracks, and I went along it in Oxford shoes with leather soles to not miss out on my oufit! Since 1893 this path has been surprising visitors with breathtaking sceneries.


So guys, nothing left to say: enjoy the pictures and organize a trip here. It’s definitely worth it!

Photo: Andrea Zangrando

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