7 August 2016

The best places to work in Trieste when away from the office…

Adaptable also when mobile working

With my job I can work anywhere - as long as I have my computer, my smartphone and my notes - I can get everything done, anywhere I am.

And so, even if I have a lovely confortable sofa at home, and a fully equipped desk at the office in the centre of town, I often prefer to work here and there.

As soon as I get a Wi-Fi signal, I try out a new place, and among all the different locations here are my favourite…

I usually decide where to go based on how I’m feeling or on which is the closest place to my location.

When I need to be connected for a few hours, I prefer Mimì e Cocotte that opened about a year ago, right next to Museo Revoltella in via Cadorna.





Here there’s an essential but welcoming environment, with great Wi-Fi posts, and electrical sockets for their clients. Giovanna (the manager from Bologna) has always some new treat, so my coffee is always accompanied by a nice slice of cake or a maritozzo with cream that will fill me with energy so that I can work at full rhythm! I usually choose to come here when I know I need to stay extra time because I love to have lunch here: quick meals on the go or nice warm servings - simple but always excellent!





Mimì e Cocotte is always peaceful in the mornings, a great environment to work in and sometimes I even meet a friend or two to chat with during a break. It’s definitely a great place to work!

There are some days in which I need to be extra concentrated and surrounded by silence, when I need a relaxed and refined environment; those days I choose the Library of the Starhotels Savoia Excelsior Palace. A place that reminds me of the splendour of the Hapsburg Empire, in a building facing the Gulf, just round the corner from Piazza dell’Unità, where you can spend a few blissful hours surrounded by the splendour of the hotel.









If you ask for a password at the reception you can connect to the world outside from this enchanted place.

Coffee here is a little more expensive than in other places, two Euros and fifty cents, but it’s always served with wonderful biscuits. Comfortably seated on a velvet armchair, with light coming in through the sky window, creating a Belle Epoque style: I will definitely feel inspired to write a nice article! A perfectly calm environment and impeccable service.








But there’s one more place I like to go for work: Eppinger Caffè in Via Dante.

This place has a wonderful outdoor area on a pedestrian street, and also has a second floor; obviously the space I prefer is the open space on the second floor, decorated in light colours with a fun assortment of colourful armchairs.

Here the large windows let in loads of light, from which you can look down on the street below. There’s a large table in the centre, called “Social Table”, where anyone who feels like socializing can sit. Even here I feel very comfortable and I choose this place when I want to indulge in a nice typical pastry or cake: because Eppinger Caffè is not just a café but a famous bakery since 1848, when the Eppinger family moved to Trieste from Bohemia and became one of the main pastry makers in town, making sugar almonds, sweets and typical pastries like presniz, putizza and pinza. They still make them all today and you can buy them here or eat them there on the spot!









My favourite choice is the classic torta carsica: a type of sponge cake with a shortcrust pastry base, walnuts, hazelnuts and dried fruit. This cake won the first prize for the “most original cake form Istria” awarded by Sladka Istra .

I hope I gave you a few useful tips to spend peaceful and pleasant moments instead of locking yourself away in your grey and boring office!




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