1 September 2016

Vud: local designers Made in Trieste

Wood, ceramic and metal in a mix of Nordic and Japanese style.

In Trieste almost everyone knows about VUD and its workshop in via Diaz 15a, but I definitely need to talk about it for anyone who will come to visit Trieste, to remind them to stop by and visit this original concept.

Vud is a project of Rosa and Filippo, two architects that lived for a few years in Venice (where Filippo managed the workshop of the architecture faculty), and then decided to move to Trieste with their whole family (with their two wonderful children) and start from scratch.




Attracted by the city’s combination of Karst and sea, where you still get a Mitteleuropean feel, in 2012 they decided to open Vud Design: a beautiful shop, that has a wood artwork displayed at its entrance that will definitely catch your attention.


As you walk in you will admire the minimal style and elegance of the place: a balance of old objects and Filippo’s new creations, like tables with simple clean lines and an incredible collection of cutting boards, all made in different types of wood and with different elegant and stylish designs. All of Vud’s objects are carefully mixed with pottery, ceramics and objects from other artists.


At the back of the shop a large glass door separates the sales area from the heart of Vud: the Laboratory, where Filippo sets off his creativeness!

Rosa and Filippo can make anything your heart desires: my son’s room has a custom made book shelf, my sister has an beautiful table, and many of my friends have Vud’s “must have” item: the cutting board.






Here in Trieste they have already worked with many other shops to create interior designs. They always manage to make the best with your requests, creating incredible furniture marched VUD, with their idea of simple and functional design.

They love recycling, so many of their items are born from the idea of throwing nothing away. The scraps and wastes that come from production of tables and furniture are always used for some new creative idea.


They are unmistakably two creative minds! One of their creations are the little wooden houses: fun object in different sizes and colours, not sold by item but by weight! This is just one of the hundreds of ideas that Vud came up with to recycle the scraps of wood.







Obviously I couldn’t stop myself from choosing a few Vud items for  "MissClaireHome", so I let myself be swept away by their original wardrobes: they have just been finished, but are already a great success! 🙂

Well done! It’s a pleasure to have you here in Trieste!

Ph. Andrea Zangrando




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