Draw x3 with great developments!

Show cooking, brand products and coffee from all over the world!

Do you remember me telling you about this place a few months ago? Draw (https://www.missclaire.it/foodbeverage-eng/draw-raw-food-and-slow-coffee/) is a special place in Trieste that serves raw dishes and a good selection of coffee!




Today at Draw, the owner Walter Gustin pulls down the “wall” created by the typical Triestine phrase “no se pol”, a very well know sentence in town, often used to say “it can’t be done”, and just a few months from their grand opening, by buying a neighbouring establishment, they are expanding their spaces and will be three times larger!

As well as offering a menu with raw dishes, also vegan and vegetarian, we will also be able to buy dehydrated products for our home pantry.

spaghetti di zucchine gialle con carbonara raw di formaggi a pasta cruda e prosciutto crudo di Bajta essiccato
Yellow zucchini spaghetti with raw cheese carbonara and Bajta’s raw dried ham.
spaghetti di zucchine con pesto di formaggi a pasta cruda con pinoli e pomodorini essiccati con olio di Sancin
Zucchini spaghetti with a pesto of raw cheeses, pine nuts and dried tomatoes with Sancin olive oil
Raviolo di zucca con ricotta di anacardi agli agrumi e salsa guacamole
Pumpkin ravioli with a citrus flavoured ricotta of cashew nuts and guacamole sauce
Wrap di tonno pinna gialla affumicato con ricotta raw di anacardi, insalatina Iceberg, funghi e zesta di lime
A smoked yellowfin tuna wrap with a raw ricotta of cashew nuts, Iceberg salad, mushrooms and lime zest
- Tartara di tonno pinna gialla con funghi champignon e crostini di porcini e basilico -Insalata di tonno con insalata Iceberg e frutta fresca
– Yellowfin tuna tartare with champignon mushrooms and hors d’oeuvre of porcini mushrooms and basil -Tuna salad with Iceberg salad and fresh fruit

Draw is preparing lots of new surprises, like an area dedicated to cooking courses and show cooking.

There will be some original ideas regarding coffee too, our most popular colonial good … as well as the well-know slow coffee, they will also offer many mono origin varieties from different plantation around the world.

Our breakfasts will have an extra charge: as we browse through the international magazines they always have available and sip a good cup of coffee we’ll feel regenerated by this new aroma.

At Draw all their spaces dedicated to conviviality will feel even more like home.

The best of luck for this wonderful new challenge branded “Made in Trieste”!!!

Ph. Andrea Zangrando

















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