5 September 2018

Vatta Cafè, a change in the kitchen with Peter Patajac

Semptember is bringing a few surprised… let’s discover them together!

You have to read until the end because there’s a surprise 😉

I’m sure you don’t need to be introduced to café Vatta, right? In Trieste it’s very well known and I’m sure anyone from Trieste has been there at least once.

About a year ago I had told you about the incredible breakfasts they serve here  ( -http://bit.ly/2wJTrbs ).

After all it was prized by Gambero Rosso for five years running as BEST BAR FOR BREAKFASTS in FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA, with three coffee beans and three coffee cups (the highest points awarded by the guide).

But careful. Don’t get strange ideas! Even if it’s called “cafè”, the word doesn’t properly describe everything you find here. Because at Vatta, as well as an excellent Illy coffee and Maritani’s tasty pastries and a collection of brioches (they sell up to 500 on a Sunday morning!), you’ll be pleasantly surprised by much more. First of all we can say that they are open from 6am to 10 pm: let’s be clear about that.


Quick lunch menus during the week, they make their own ice-creams which is perfect for an afternoon snack; they have classic flavours as well as vegan ones and some for YOUR FURRY BEST FRIEND (AND these earnings are devolved to the Association AsTAD or the Association Progetto Magico salva cani in Trieste). They also have fruit and vegetable extracts, excellent local and non-local wines (they have about 500 different labels) and fabulous dinners.

An extra? Every Wednesday, during the winter time, they organize a wine tasting, held by the producers themselves. Over the last years this event has always been successful and the centre of Opicina is always full; it was an opportunity to meet famous wine producers from Italy and from abroad. Caffè Vatta is all this. It can attract more than a crown, it’s a unique meeting place.


In their kitchen you’ll find Peter Patajac, the excellent chef and patron of Ruj! Do you remember him? I’d written an article about it some time ago   ( -> http://bit.ly/2PYm1ym )

When he told me the big news I was so excited! First because I love Peter’s cuisine, and second because I’m always at Vatta J

When I heard that there would be a presentation of the menu for the staff … well you know me. I included myself in the group! And here at the new additions! Some exceptional tapas (small portions of incredible dishes)!

Historically Tapas are from 19th century Andalusia to accompany sherry, the famous liquor. The name comes form the habit of covering the glass with a top (cover or little plate) which helped keep the flies away. The plate was then filled with delicacies of meat, fish or vegetables.

Now we prefer a good glass of wine rather than sherry, and Peter created incredible dishes that will change every week. They are divided into three categories: VEGETARIAN, MEAT and FISH. Prices? Affordable! From 3.50€ to 8€.


Grilled Tabor cheese with salad leaves, pears, hazelnuts and a honey and mustard dressing

Toasted tomato flavoured bred with three dips; olive spread with lemon zest, ricotta cheese cream with herbs and a tomato sauce with toasted almonds

Fried zucchini with saffron aioli



Chorizo (a spicy salami from Bajta) with fava beans, parsley, lemon and toasted bread

Duck with sweet ginger, plums and a radish salad

Pork bacon cooked at a low temperature with potato purè and mustard seeds

Different hamburger with pork meat and bacon, provola cheese, fennel flowers, home-made mayonnaise



Fish fingers with Zidarich yogurt and home grown herbs

18 hour Marinated salmon cooked with fresh corn and leek cream

Vacuum-sealed angler, shrimps and red mullet with peppers, olives, shallot and chili pepper


And for lunch? They’ll have the traditional menu (that will also change weekly) which always has excellent choices for who is working and just has a quick break.

But MissClaire also had to have some part in all this. Once I tasted these delicacies I suggested the patron plan an event in which everyone could have the opportunity to taste these new ideas.

So at 6pm of the 12th of September they’ve planned the TAPAS DAY, for which we selected 3 tapas, 1 from each category:

  • Toasted tomato flavoured bred with three dips
  • Duck with sweet ginger, plums and a radish salad
  • 18 hour Marinated salmon cooked with fresh corn and leek cream

Everything will be perfect with a nice glass of (obviously local) wine, my personal favorite: Bajta’s VITOVSKA at a special priced!

TAPAS for everyone!

A unique occasion to taste Peter’s cuisine and relax with something special. The price? 15 euros.

What else could you need? you have an excellent chef, a perfect location, a great price… see you at Vatta!


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