5 December 2016

7 Things to do in Villach

Will two days be enough?

It’s almost Christmas time, and lights and decorations are popping up all over the place. As soon as I see the first decorations I always feel like taking a trip somewhere, but there’s always very little time and even less budget, so today I’m going to suggest a low budget trip away from Trieste and surrounded by the Christmas atmosphere.

To reach Villaco this time I decided to take the local transport, so first a train (from Trieste to Udine) and then the OBB coach with free Wi-Fi on board (from Udine’s train station to Villacco).

The journey was fun and relaxing, and I even had the chance to meet new people; unfortunately, I have a strong inclination to socialize, so any occasion is perfect to chat a little and meet new people.

I reached Villach in a heartbeat!

The train station is 5 minutes form the centre and very well connected.

I chose a hotel in the centre of the pedestrian area, very convenient for visiting the Christmas market: Romantic Poste.


Where to sleep: at the Romantic Post

In this hotel, you can almost breath in the air of tradition, an antique building is home to this hotel that as well as welcoming me for a wonderful stay, also had a surprise waiting for me the day after: a little market in the common rooms.

It was impossible not to take home some interesting vintage object!






2- Visit the Christmas markets

The market area is all along the pedestrian area and there are food stalls, chocolate fountains where you can dip in fresh fruit, great expositions of Christmas decorations, handmade pottery and wreaths for the Advent period.

Watch out because there’s a little area in the Stadpark, away from the main part of the market, where you will find local art and artisans, surrounded by a lovely atmosphere!








3- Lunch with the best wurstels in the whole of Villach

If you need to stop for a meal I suggest you stop along the Drava, right next to the bridge, where you will find a small stall “Bratwurstkönig” that has the best wurstel in Villach. With a little mustard, it’s definitely the best street food of the area.




4 - A boat ride along the Drava.

And from this spot you can take a short boat tour (of about 1 hour) along the Drava.

As you sip a nice warm cider you can admire the city from the water.






5- A snack at Rainer

When it’s time for a snack, just head towards the main bell tower (the one all lit up with Christmas lights) and you’ll reach the pearl of typical Austrian bakeries!

You can taste a good slice of cake or delight yourself with some chocolate pastry, surrounded by Christmas lights… This is the lovely atmosphere that will welcome you at Rainer.








6- Shopping at the Atrio

If the day isn’t very nice and it starts to rain, there are a few interesting places to escape to: the thermal baths of Warmbad, where you will enjoy a few relaxing hours, or the Atrio for shopping lovers. Here you will find a lovely location with a few wooden stalls that sell local artisan work.



7 - Relax at the Thermal Baths.

For the baths of Warmbad you’ll have to be a little patient because I’m going to write an entire article about it.

If you want to discover the offers of Villach, check out www.villach-land.com and you will find loads of offers for any kind of budget.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Ph. Andrea Zangrando 











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