Palagurmé, Food & Beverage training in Friuli Venezia Giulia

In Pordenone, five themed areas for professionals and enthusiasts
It was opened two years ago with the desire to unite everything connected to the food & beverage world, it’s…
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Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta, a royal holiday in Lussinpiccolo

An unforgettable weekend in the bay of Cigale!
Close your eyes and imagine a hotel fit for a king. Done? Well whatever you had imagined, I’m sure it…
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Trattlers Hof Chalet: a luxurious weekend in Carinthia

A place to cuddle you mind and heart surrounded by mountains
Today I’ll take you to Carinthia to discover a magical place that has recently opened in the heart of Bad…
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Être Concept Store opens in Trieste

Girls and women get ready, happiness is on its way!
There’s no art where there’s no style (Oscar Wilde) It was 2011 when I first stepped into this world of…
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What to do in a weekend in Zagabria 1/2

What you can’t miss according to Miss Claire!
I was lucky enough to spend three days in Zagabria for the opening of the Christmas markets, a wonderful show…
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My special birthday at the Savoia Excelsior Palace

I step into my forties with a great celebration!
You should know me well by now. An exhuberant party lover, but every year, as my birthday comes up, I…
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New opening for Gabin “Gusto esclamativo”

Four new openings in four years: the secret for success!
All we hear about lately is crisis, stalled economy and taxes that choke industry. So, when you encounter companies that…
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Massimiliano Schiavon Art Team: Murano’s glass art

Six generations of success in a new furnace in Venice
When you mention excellence, the art of glass manufactiring is definetly included. I’ve decided to talk about it today, taking…
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