Être Concept Store opens in Trieste

Girls and women get ready, happiness is on its way!

There’s no art where there’s no style

(Oscar Wilde)

It was 2011 when I first stepped into this world of elegance, beauty and a metropolitan refined taste where everything had a very recognisable spirit; I had set foot into Être Concept Store in Pordenone.

A container which looks more like an art gallery, with a mix of design objects, books, accessories , clothing, workshops and much more. Everything is held together with an unmistakable personal style.

The creator of this wonderful place is Cristina, with the support of her staff of women. Everything started in 2011, after years of work for big brands of fashion. She wants to create something of her own, something that can bring out her esthetic creativeness and metropolitan taste.

She decides to open Être Concept Store in Pordenone, slightly out of the center, inspired by shops in Paris and London; Everyone felt her project would collapse, because there’s very little tourism out of the center, a difficult area for attracting clients.


But she made it. The choice is just right and in no time Être becomes a reference point for stylish women in Pordenone as well as other cities.

She’s always on the move, travelling to Paris and Milan to discover new collections and new looks from every famous fashion week. But she does more. She uses her trips also to try and move away from the rules imposed by the great fashion system.

The cuts are lose and perfect for every age, from young women to our stylish grandmother: everyone can feel comfortable in Être’s clothing. She tries to combine the colors of her new collection with personalized accessories created for her clients in a boudoir spirit; matching the clothes to unique pieces, with colors made specially for her clients because personalizing their collections is one of their many great traits.



But careful because in this shop you won’t find the usual famous brands. I don’t want to give too much away, it would be nice for you to discover this world a little at a time, surrounded by spring colors and natural fabrics which Cristina prefers for her clients.

If you’re reading my article I’m sure you have similar tastes to mine, so trust me when I say that Être won’t disappoint you. When I found out it was opening a store in Trieste I was almost too happy for words, as if I had won a 10 digit prize! I might be a little exaggerate but you know my reaction when I find something I really like 🙂



And I’m also happy for Trieste, I’ve been hearing for some time a classic sentence “We don’t have enough nice shops here in Trieste, if I’m looking for something special I need to go out of town”.

It’s such a great satisfaction to have a small shop filled with great ideas in this city, in via della Pescheria 13/A, in the heart of the neighborhood of Cavana, that I’m filled with enthusiasm!

If you want to have a sneak peek I suggest you take a look at their Facebook page  and have a look at their new space this weekend.

“Even in this town – Cristina said – it’s nice to think that clients need to search for us as if our store was a little secret”.








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