12 July 2018

Villa Mirasasso: location for weddings, corporate and private events

In Sežana there is always something new!

"Return to Sežana. Not to the future", if anything to the past .. because you should remember that I have already told you about this magnificent place, the wonderful Villa Mirasasso and its history, the events held here and the fabulous greenhouse with botanical garden :-. The perfect location for a wedding, really! So "I took advantage" of Magie and Borut's wedding to describe this enchanting place in a new light.


If you have never visited it ... well, you missedout! We are in Sežana, just 5 minutes from the Fernetti border; here, immersed in a well-tended garden and in the shade of centuries-old cedars, there is what I would call the most beautiful botanical greenhouse after Schönbrunn. And a delicious treat of my territory: Villa Mirasasso!

Well, I'm ready on the launch pad to make you move a bit. Because a wedding in a place like this, with a super setting between flowers and candles, with a formidable catering signed Špacapanova Hiša is a dream. True. Real. Tangible.Close your eyes and imagine wooden benches that welcome the aperitif in glass boule with water and fruit, the table of cured meats and cheese accompanied by lots of seasonal fruit and homemade bread. Can't you smell it? All embellished with wildflowers, lace tablecloths and much more. Everything is studied in detail, from the wooden trays that are used for the great fire service where the spinach soup that will delight us later, is heated.

After the aperitif with lots of snacks, while the bride and groom pose for the photographer, the guests take their seats at the wedding banquet set up under the arches of the rose garden, among a sea of blooming rose garden that crown this “enchanted poem”.

The soft pink of the flowers and the green of ivy ... wonder for the eyes. Not a leaf on the ground, not something out of place; Thomas with his sax plays Hallelujah accompanying dinner and I wander around the garden with 8 packages of paper handkerchiefs in a psychological state a bit 'exaggerated by the situation (maybe I'm just too emotional, in the past I even cried watching Star Wars!).

Dear friends, spending your most special day in this place is a true fairytale. Think about it for a second. Swap promises sitting on suggestive wrought iron chairs, surrounded by enchanting flowers ... what a thrill!

And then? Try to think of how many wonderful photos you can make inside the greenhouse among tropical plants, palm trees, cactus, orchids and many botanical species that come from all over the world 🙂

And when the sun sets, only the small torches will be left to illuminate the garde, framing the flowers and candles. Pure romance. "Refrain yourself if little sensitive to honey!"

Furthermore, in the spring of 2019, a dedicated room for weddings and events will be ready in a structure that is slowly taking shape. I advise you in advance, you should start to inform and visit this place behind the house because the reservations for next year are already filling the reservation diary!

But no, you do not necessarily have to say the “fateful yes”. This location is also suitable for special and/or business events,  and I can assure you, the rental prices for this fantastic venue are great value for money, even more when compared to the usual costs for renting villas and private gardens. Let me also congratulate the Municipality of Sežana for having known how to enhance this place of history and treat the park with love and respect without upsetting its original appearance. This possibly counts more than anything else!  "Chapeau" 🙂

Here you have the dedicated link http://www.ksp-sezana.si/botanicni-vrt-sezana/

Photo Silvia Policardi

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