Borsa Trieste? Our own handmade design!

In the heart of the city a new project takes off

I’m full of joy and excitement for today’s discovery: I’m going to tell you about a Made in Trieste project signed Marco Trevisan, 27 years old! As I’m reading what seems like the 100th e-mail of the day, I find Alessandra’s message, she’s a MissClaire follower that writes: “Dear MissClaire! Congratulations for your blog, it’s…

A weekend of time traveling

The castle of Strassoldo (Udine) and the market stalls

It’s finally springtime and the first sunshine and the trees in bloom convince me to take a trip. I take advantage of the “Castelli Aperti” (Open Castles) event to go and visit the famous castles in Strassoldo. This small village in Friuli opens twice a year to the public: Palm Sunday weekend and the second-to-last…

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