14 July 2016

JB Restaurant: one of the 100 best restaurants in the world.

A wonderful week end in Ljubljana

The JB restaurant is in the centre of the Slovenian capital, in a beautiful building from the 1920’s.

The creative mind in the kitchen is Janez Bratovz, the number one chef in Ljubljana.

As well as leading the kitchen staff, he also manages the restaurant with the help of his family: his wife Nina (manager), his daughter Nina (sommelier) and his son Tomaz (Chef).




His style in the kitchen follows the four elements, and his art is expressed by the salinity of the water, the bitterness of the fire, the sour of the air and the mineral sweetness of the earth.


Here’s what I ate at JB:

Tartara di tonno e cips al nero di seppia

Tuna tartar and squid ink chips

SASHIMI di tonno con wasabi, ginger e salsa di soia

Tuna sashimi with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce

Scampi dell'Adriatico con crema di nocciola e olio

Scampi from the Adriatic with hazelnut cream and oil

Filetto di pastinacca con asparagi e nero di seppia

Parsnip filet with asparagus and squid ink

Ravioli di pistacchio e formaggio fresco, con fegato d'oca

Pistachio ravioli and fresh cheese, with goose liver

Tuorlo d'uovo d'anatra con pancetta di maiale

Duck egg yolk and pork bacon

Tuorlo d'uovo d'anatra con pancetta di maiale

Duck egg yolk and pork bacon

Agnello con lardo di mangalica

Lamb with mangalica lard

Torta di dragoncello con gelato di mirtilli

Tarragon cake with blueberry ice cream

These incredible dishes were all accompanied by excellent wines, all from Slovenia, from the areas of Brda to the areas of Podravje.





I know that some of you will think that gourmet dishes have small portions, but I can assure you that 8 courses of this incredible food is more than enough to satisfy your appetite, as well as stimulating your senses (your eyes will be mesmerized!)

I’m sure you’ll be wondering how much it costs.

Here is the link for the menu and the tasting menu start at a price of 50€, but the experience is so satisfying it’s well worth the price!

I really hope you book a date on your calendar for trying this wonderful restaurant, maybe for a special occasion!

Good quality ingredients, excellent taste, impeccable service and a lot of imagination in creating the dishes, are the elements that will make it an unforgettable evening!

It’s getting late now and I’m ready to head toward my hotel.







Just a few minutes through Ljubljana by Night and I reach the Slon, a lovely 4 star hotel in the centre of town.

A clean and welcoming room, an incredibly confortable king size bed will push me off into Morfeo’s welcoming arms, and tomorrow’s wake up call will be delighted by a cup of my favourite coffee (Qubik caffè).



Our next stop is 20 minutes from Ljubljana, where could it be?

Stay tuned!


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