10 places in Friuli Venezia Giulia for a pleasant mini break 2/2

Lakes, mountains, countryside, Karst and… the beach!

Here’s the second part of the article (if you haven’t read the first part click here: http://www.missclaire.it/travel-eng/10-places-in-friuli-venezia-giulia-for-a-pleasant-mini-break-12/)

Summer is drawing to a close? Your holidays are a far-off memory so you still feel like taking a few minibreaks?

Here are 10 places close by where you can spend a day or just few hours in the fresh air! Try it to believe me 🙂


  1. Cascata Kot

A slight scent of undergrowth, the rustling leaves, the trickle of water, the colour of cyclamens…feeling relaxed yet? After this short walk in the Valleys of Natisone, in San Leonardo, close to Cividale del Friuli, you will be!

As you walk up along the Patok river and then the Pod Tamoran, you’ll be fascinated by the surrounding scenery; waterfalls, crystal clear ponds and clean water streams run along the path up to the last little waterfall, surrounded by walls covered in green moss. Pure pleasure and relax.




  1. Lago di Cavazzo e casa delle Farfalle

The Cavazzano Lake, also called the lake of three districts, is the largest natural clear water lake in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. You can take a romantic walk along its shore, rent a wooden boat to explore the hidden coves, have a pick-nick near the rushes or take a swim in its fresh water.

Here they have three large green-houses that are home to over 400 hundred types of butterflies from all over the world. You can take a lovely walk inside, surrounded by these beautiful creatures the flutter around you. Kids will love this place.




  1. Bosco di Plessiva

Feel like taking a walk not too far away from home?

The wood of Plessiva, on the Collio Friulano, between Cormons and Dolegna del Collio, could be the perfect place for you! Just a short walk surrounded by oaks and chestnut trees is always good for you J

And on the way back why not stop for a few cold cuts and cheese at the Osteria de La Subida…it could warm you up a little! It’s worth a stop.



  1. Grotta Gigante

A pleasant discovery and an unforgettable experience just a few minutes from Trieste, precisely in Sgonico. The best way to escape from a hot summer’s day is hiding away for an hour in this huge cave that is 10 million years old! The temperature here is about 11 C° all year round.

Discovered in 1840, this cave is a real treasure. 12 metre stalagmites rise like huge columns sculpted by mother nature, walls of rock that can tell a story. Stalactites that come down from the ceiling and keep growing and 1000 steps to go down. An underground natural museum you shouldn’t miss.




  1. Isola della Cona e Grado vecchia

A natural reserve on the mouth of the river Isonzo,  into the Adriatic sea, a green area where you can take a walk surrounded by woods, rushes, swamps and meadows. Here you’ll be able to see wild Camargue horse, deers hiding in the woods, foxes and a huge number of birds. A paradise for anyone who loves photography and bird watching.

Just a few kilometres from the island of the Cona there’s the town of Grado, also called “the first Venice”, where the Aquilea Patriarchate used to be located. It’s fascinating to walk around the little alleys, the little stone fishermen houses and the impressive early Christian churches. Each road has beautiful romantic corners. A walk around the town on a warm summer evening seems magical J

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