2 September 2015


From Belgrade a 60 year tradition

A young brand supported by old family traditions that unite experience and innovation.

Everything started 60 years ago in Belgrade, with the opening of a hat shop in one of the oldest streets of the city, the one that connects the railway station to the city centre. Anyone arriving by train would stop to browse and often buy a hat designed and made by the Andjlekovic family.

With the third generation, a new brand is born, TUTU Handmade, distinguished by their vision of vintage hats in a modern way: new models, new fabric and the possibility to buy them on-line on Etsy

From Berlin to Prague and Los Angeles, the creations of the Andjlekovic family have been around the world and still travel: they have become so famous that last year VOGUE Turkey dedicated it’s cover to them.

With the birth of the fourth generation heir and the sale of their hats all over the world, the last designer of the family decided the moment had come to celebrate the story of the Andjlekovic family with an exposition to show everyone the wonderful creations of his ancestors.












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