7 November 2016

Atelier Laboratorio degli In-Perfetti in Trieste - a mix of wood, Murano glass and metal.

Two artists who moved from Veneto to Trieste

In 2014, in the old part of Trieste, precisely in via d’Aosta 6/a, the Atelier degli In-Perfetti opened (which means the imperfect workshop).

There can be beauty even in imperfection: this is their workshop’s claim. The owners Raffaella and Sandro, two creative and friendly people with an infectious enthusiasm, introduce me to their boutique.



One day, as I was walking along this little road that connects Piazza Hortis to Largo Papa Giovanni I notice a huge wooden front door and through the shop windows I see a designer furniture piece in wood and white metal that catches my attention.



I then activate my 360° radar and start capturing all the details of this laboratory. After thinking it was a furniture shop I also see some wooden boats on shelves that look handmade, some desk lamps… with a simple and clean design and lovely oak wood.


And I also see a reproduction of the Arco di Riccardo made in wood!!!



I immediatly walk in to meet the people behind this lovely wooden artwork.


I open the door and I’m welcomed in this lovely little wooden shrine by Sandro and Raffaella. Just a few words and we’re already getting along. I’m already memorizing the story of how this lovely place came to be so I can tell you all about it.



Their adventure starts in 2014, when Sandro Battistella and his companion decide to start a new activity in Trieste…because after many trips to this lovely city they fell in love with its atmosphere, its sea, its people and its history. That is how they decided to set root in Trieste.

But their journey started long before in Veneto, when Raffaella was a Shiatsu expert, with a degree from the National Academy in Milan and Sandro.

He started developing his passion for carpentry after following a Renzo Piano workshop. After returning to Italy he starts he works with some carpenters to learn the profession.

Once they decide what road to take to achieve their dreams, with Raffaella they start their In-Perfetti Project.





They decide to develop personalized items for their clients; design items, small restorations, all by using mainly wood, Murano glass and steel. The fascinating thing of this environment is that all the objects seem to speak to you and the people create a pleasant harmony.

I chatted with Raffaella and Sandro for hours, time really flew by, but among the many things she told me about with great enthusiasm, what I liked most was how well they spoke about their clients, their suppliers, their friends but even about their competitors. She said about Sandro: “knowing that there are people like him gives me hope for the future”, and about their clients “we’re very lucky because all the people that walk in here are pleasant and kind”. She even told me all about their projects with local photographers like Maurizio Zafret and Roberto Riva.

I think that this attitude of theirs is also reflected in their work.


"I Barcolani"

"I Barcolani"


It’s enough to look at the posters they made two years ago for their opening event, the words they wrote explain their essence… in a world that is often difficult it’s nice to feel people’s positive energy!

Processed with MOLDIV

... WOOD!

“Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ph. Andrea Zangrando





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