Man, woman and child, a refined style for everyday life.

“We’re not only planning fashion for all the family: our plan is to condition people’s style, without imposing any definite choice.” This is Bellerose’s idea, a company founded in 1989 by Patrick van Heurck that started out with a line of men’s shirts. The clothing is designed in Belgium, and it has 16 company stores…


A Danish brand that specializes in handbags, bags, wallets & Co.

It unites elegance and simplicity in a product that celebrates the excellence of manufacturing. The colors are sober and they vary, according to the collection, from navy blue to beige. The choice of materials, distinctive feature of the brand, range from traditional canvas and leather, to technical material. The “Full-grain leather” used by Mismo, is…


Young, fun and refined, with a reminder of Vintage

“Made -with care- in Italy”. All you need is to read this claim to understand all the idea behind Lazzari, a hand-made label that has been active for more than 30 years in Italy. It’s clothing is young and creative, with old-fashioned shapes, vintage with a pinch of romance. As you walk into their store…

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