21 May 2022

Zoff Farm: organic cheese from Cormons with love

Re-discovering a corner of paradise...super tasty!

I’m in Cormons, surrounded by a bucolic landscape. Around me I can only hear the chirping of birds, a few turtle doves and a tractor in the distance from time to time.

Here Giuseppe raises his thirty Italian Pezzate rosse cows, pursuing a dream that began thirty years ago. Everything revolves around animal welfare, a farming system completely opposed to intensive farming.

For example, the cows do not increase in number year by year: he had 30 of them and he still has 30. They sleep on an odorless bedding of wood chips: the barn is also well ventilated. It’s a perfect place for them, which are strictly NOT stung; they can relax in a comfortable and convenient space.

They eat fresh green grass from now until November, which will later be replaced by hay in wintertime.

What becomes of their precious white gold, then? At the Zoff Farm, milk is processed raw, and the ferments used to make cheese are self-produced: this is exactly how the traditional latteria cheese, aged from 2 to 6+ months, the natural or rind-flavored caciottine that come in ten different types of organic herbs, and the pit-aged latteria are born.

Shall we talk about the whole white yogurt that is made directly in the glass jar, where lactic ferments are added to the milk? This wonderful delight was – unsurprisingly – awarded by Gambero Rosso.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m doing around here again. Well, big news is on the way: they have a new store opening soon and a tasting room designed to welcome cheese lovers. From Cormons with love 🙂

The latter will be available on Saturdays and Mondays from 12 to 6 p.m., only with à-la-carte menus. You’ll taste a selection of Zoff's delicacies with a good glass of wine on the side.

For larger groups, Giuseppe's daughter Laura will present fixed-menu suggestions with the addition of a nice visit to the farm, so that you can see those sweet, yet wary cows from up-close!

Ding-dong, public service announcement. The renovated old barn also has 5 rooms where you can have a country vacation and a wonderful breakfast.

And please don't call it “agritourism”, because it’s not like that at all. They don’t serve food. This place is a farm with a dairy, cheese sale and tastings, and overnight accommodations. That’s it.

And now, as I saved the best for last, for the "believe it if you can" series, here are the two (yes, two) "MissClaire sends me" packages that Laura and I have made for you: the packages are valid until the end of June 2022.

Those who’ll be at the tastings on Saturdays and Mondays, will get a -10% on the purchase of cheese at the commissary by saying the little magic words; those who’ll decide to spend the night here instead, will get a visit to the farm and a cheese tasting with a glass of wine on the side in addition! What do you have to do to get these bonuses? Just one thing...utter the fateful phrase "MissClaire sends me"!

And with that, over and out. You guys run and make your reservations...time flies by!

Ph. Michele Grimaz

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