22 April 2024

New Show Room in Palmanova: MetMat by Mattia Meterc

Between weaves and colors, here are his new collections

Let's see how many of you there are. Do you remember young Mattia Meterc, born 1997? Back in 2021 I visited his workshop in Jalmicco, a small hamlet of Palmanova, for the first time. He had just embarked on his creative journey, and this was the article that came out about it. Today, after three very, long years, I return to MetMat, which has since grown and opened a new showroom in Palmanova, at Borgo Cividale 19. It’s a paradise of made-in-Italy furniture...

Mattia hasn't changed, he's the same young man, bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and passion... yet, his products have changed all right! He’s added new creations and weaves.

Let's take a small step back, shall we? Mattia is a child of art, as he grew up in the workshop of his dad, Riccardo, who took over the business in the late 1980s, after following in his mother's footsteps. Yes, we are now in the third generation of weaving! All thanks to Mattia’s grandmother who found herself alone with three children and, in the 1970s, decided to start a small business that has now become the MetMat brand!

Are you curious to discover the result of his big passion for weaving colorful ropes? He has moved from the 2021 bags and poufs to four collections that differ in hues, weaves, knots, and materials. His creations are designed for both outdoors and indoors, being made from a polyester rope that is used in the naval industry. It’s a water and fireproof material, perfect for gardens and terraces. In addition, ever-changing weaves and knots allow to create new designs.

Let's talk about his coffee tables for example: they’re true masterpieces of design! They come in three different models, which differ not only in the colors but also in the available tops, created thanks to this play of ropes. The metal structures come in three colors: white, blue and anthracite (the same as the seats).

Clearly each piece is customizable, and you can choose the frame and string color, the latter available in twenty-six different shades. An almost infinite color palette.

If you weren’t interested in colors but rather in more natural nuances, here comes the three-piece rope collection, a historic rope in the furniture industry, exclusive to the company as of 2024. This rope is made of paper by 99.8% and, get this, is waterproof! So, if you were to drop a glass of water on it, it won't spoil, it won't melt, and it’ll stays perfect! A perfect collection for indoors, despite its high resistance.

Do you prefer for more intense colors? Then you’ll be pleased with the collection created with webbing (a little thicker than rope), which is also made of polyester. It’s fire and waterproof: it will be perfect, thanks to its thickness – which guarantees a lot of comfort, and emotional impact – as it is a color bomb!

Among chairs, stools, armchairs, and coffee tables, Mattia found time to tell me about his upcoming projects that will soon be on display. It’s great to see how passionately and creatively this young man is carrying on his family’s tradition, passed down from his dad.

So, during the Salone del Mobile week, I wanted to take you to an expanded "Fuori Salone"... yeah, because Italian design isn’t only at home in Milan! Friuli Venezia Giulia has great surprises in store, too!

Until next time!

Ph. Michele Grimaz

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