Easter in Trieste? Here are a few suggestions…(1/2)

Handmade products, field trips and “must see” sights!

Easter is the perfect time for a trip to Trieste, for anyone travelling from far out but also for locals that what to discover their town with a little peace and quiet!

For who doesn’t live nearby I can suggest a few places for you to stay, but I’d like to dedicate a few words to my latest discovery, Hotel Le Corderie 4*, in San Vito, a beautiful residential area very close to the centre.


I chose this small and charming place, not only for its position but also for their breakfast choice…incredible! To brighten up your day you’ll find a rich selection of homemade cakes, pastries and fresh fruit.




They take a lot of care in selecting the right ingredients and prefer local products, and for Easter they have a special breakfast; following tradition, as well as coloured eggs you can also choose from a selection of typical Trieste cakes and anything you need to start off your day!

In the elegant lounge area, furnished in warm colours of dove grey and orange, you can take some time to relax and chose a book from a selection that has been set out for the guests; you can choose Joyce, Svevo and Saba to feel the true atmosphere of Trieste!


Trieste is not only welcoming but it also has a lot to offer, so I tried to summarize a few things to see (they were so many that I had to divide it into two articles, 2/2 will be out soon).

Here are my suggestions…

For an unforgettable shopping tour of the best local homemade design:

  • Vud, wood and much more (I had already told you about it here, remember?)
  • Laboratorio degli In-perfetti, (the Imperfect workshop), custom made work and small restoration (I had already told you about it here, remember?)
  • Blu di Prussia, sculptures and custom made furniture (I had already told you about it here, remember?)
  • StudioCinque e Altro, fashion accessories (I had already told you about it here, remember?)
  • Artematta, objects in Murano glass
  • Silvia Rossi, jewellery in acrylic crystal (I had already told you about it here, remember?)
  • Giada, Designer jewellery (I had already told you about it here, remember?)
  • Spazio 11b, clothing for men and women with a mittelEuropean taste
  • Stranomavero, refined woman’s clothing and jewellery creations (I had already told you about it here, remember?)
Laboratorio degli In-Perfetti
In-Perfetti workskhop

For a tour of the town:

Castello di Miramare
Miramare Castle
Tempio Serbo Ortodosso di S.Spiridione
Serbian Orthodox churc of S.Spiridione
San Giusto
St. Justus

For a trip surrounded by nature and tranquillity::

  • A panoramic walk along the Napoleonica Road
  • A trip to Val Rosandra as you search for the lost Salmon
  • A visit to the botanical garden CARSIANA, an “overview of the Karst’s scenery” with 600 flower species and 500 square meters of botanic garden
  • A walk along Barcola’s seafront, Trieste’s terrace onto the sea
  • A trip up to the Mount Ermada, to discover the Great War and pick wild asparagus
  • A suggestive panoramic walk along the Rilke
  • A Sunday trip to the Karst, I’d already told you about in one of my Article
Giardino Botanico Carsiana

Giardino Botanico carsiana

Scorci dal Monte Ermada
Mount Ermada

There are so many things to do, and remember that if at the end of the day you’re too tired to eat out, you can go back to the Corderie and eat at the hotel!

As well as rich breakfasts they also serve excellent lunches and dinners, to taste as you sit out on the balcony to catch a little of the lovely warm spring sun!

Look here..




“In cities that don’t face the sea.. I wonder who people turn to, to find their balance…maybe to the moon…”

(Banana Yoshimoto)

Ph. Andrea Zangrando




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