9 July 2020

New opening in Trieste, Doppio Malto is here!

Artisanal beer, grilled meat and delicious burgers.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you most certainly have noticed that my advice always takes you to unique places: I’m always looking for a special gem! Nevertheless I’ve been told that I don’t take into account those who have a family with children…well, I’ve thought about It and I’ve decided to make everybody happy 🙂 I don’t think I’m betraying the Miss Claire spirit if in such a delicate moment for us all, I promote the new openings in the city, going towards new destinations. So, maybe a bit against the last fashion, today I’ll take you to discover Doppio Malto 

We’re in via Giulia, more precisely into the lately renewed shopping center Il Giulia! They’re still working on the restyling and little by little the innovations are starting to come out.

On Saturday 4th July they reopened the doors to the place that hosted Trieste’s “American dream” in the 90s: the first McDonald’s! I remember as if it were yesterday the day in which I dragged my mom and sister there. For the first time I tasted a burger with a pickle, that I didn’t like much, to be honest…but as a teen, how could I say I didn’t like it? Today, in the rooms that hosted the well-known fast food chain, a new Italian dream has opened its doors: an artisanal Italian brewery that owns two establishments in the Bel Paese. One is in Erba, near the city of Como, in Lombardia, where it all started, while the second one is in Sardinia and it has just been finished and is ready to start its activity.

But let’s take a leap back in time, shall we? To be precise, at the end of the 19th century, this was the factor of the Dreher beer here in Trieste. I mean, we’re still talking about beer!

Speaking of which, Doppio Malto sells 13 of them, which go up to 18 if you count the seasonal brews. The more demanding of you can indulge themselves with a gluten free beer but also with a low-fermentation, Lager-style Pils or with a high-fermentation, yeasted Weiss. You can also have a low-alcohol IPA, a 5-hop Tile Extra Special Bitter and a High-fermentation Triple Honey IPA. And I’m not done yet! A standard or fruity English Ale, a spiced Ginger Ale, and American IPA, a Black Imperial IPA, Chocolate Stout… to discover them all have a look here 

I hear you! You’re saying: “Miss, what does the brewery have to do with families?”

Well you’re right, but what strikes me is all that has an adult perspective.

I’ll go round that question and I’ll tell you that while you’re having your glass of brew, your kids will be able to enjoy the free common spaces that are made available by Doppio Malto, like a 3vs3 street soccer field, a pool table and foosball tables, too.

Needless to say that the food offer includes the food beloved by teenagers: LOTS OF BURGERS! Real burgers this time…they have good meat, a really refined one like the Scottona! And what to say about the small loafs of bread with a sliced chicken filet firstly cooked in the oven and then on the grill, served with a DOP Sardinian pecorino and in-oil yellow tomatoes? Amazing.

They have many meat offers and they’re all very appetizing. Do you want an example? I’ve tasted a wonderful 350-gram Black Angus entrecote with Trapani salt flakes and EVO oil.

The menu of course doesn’t miss pork ribs, Black Angus filet, grilled coffee-crusted chicken legs in spicy marinade, roosters…oh, here we go again. My hunger is back! To discover Doppio Malto’s menu have a look over here https://www.doppiomalto.com/en/menu.html

If you have to keep in shape for the swimsuit season you’ll have plenty of rich salads to choose from 🙂 Among barbecues, foosball and good beer, everybody can be happy here 🙂 Doppio Malto will also open an outdoor area soon, with tables and plants (that is still in set-up faze): it will be a pleasant place that I can’t wait to see.

In conclusion I want to tell you something, in order not to be misunderstood. After everything that has been happening, after such a difficult time, it is a sign of hope to see new openings at the horizon. I believe that they deserve the same space of those activities that have had to start again after the long lockdown for the pandemic. I would like to support everyone and everything with all my (powerful? Mah) means 🙂 So how about I tell you some stories just like this one, all about birth and rebirth, all made in Italy?

I believe in a restart.

So, welcome Doppio Malto…are you ready? Ready, set, go!

Ph. Lara Perentin

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