16 January 2019

Belgrade, the NY of the Balkans 2/2

History, museums, designers and clubs… the city that never sleeps!

Are you ready for the second part of the article about my fantastic trip to Belgrade? Here’s the link to the first part in case you missed it!


You can eat almost anything at any time of the day here, the cheapest option is a take away pizza for just 2 Euros! I always had a big breakfast waiting for me at the Hotel Zepter, but I never skipped a lunch or dinner either. There are four restaurants I can’t wait to tell you about.

Ambar The perfect place to enjoy a little river side scenery! In this little modern and elegant place they serve Balkan food in a “tapas” style; the speciality is the great amount of choice on the menu, so you can try a selection of different dishes… there’s also a special meal deal they have both for lunch and dinner! The price is about 16 euros a meal and you can eat as much as you like! Home-made bread, incredible desserts, roasted pork and chicken with honey, you won’t be able to stop eating! The service is exceptional and the rakija they serve at the end of the meal has been aged for 20 years (it’s similar to cognac).


Polet it’s in the centre of town, on the windows there are mostly writings in Cyrillic and the inside is decorated with wooden panels giving it a retro style. It’s definitely not a modern place but if you’re in the mood for traditional sarme, pljeskavice and  cevapi, this is the right place, where they often have live music and you won’t spend more than 15 Euros!


5A Soba, Also in the centre of Belgrade, this restaurant was opened recently, with dimmed lights but strong colours; they serve international cuisine with delicate but exceptional flavours. The large open kitchen with a common table is really welcoming: you’ll feel at home here! The plates are full of colour and beautifully arranged, the service is attentive and elegant. I strongly suggest it.


Mezestoran  Serbia and Greece are very closely connected, so why not try some Greek cuisine in Belgrade? This is the most hidden restaurant I’ve ever been to… if you were not sure of the address I’m sure you’d think you’re in the wrong place. To find it you have to walk into an apartment building and cross a courtyard. You’ll feel comfortable here in no time; large dishes served at the centre of the table so everyone can taste everything. I love this community feeling, especially with such intense Mediterranean flavours! Home-made bread, exceptional olive oil, black olives, grilled cheese, aubergines, tomato and so much more. Incredible!



A city like Belgrade has every kind of accommodation. Hostels, 5 star designer hotels, apartments and anything else you can think of.

I stayed at the Zepter Hotel which is located in a perfect area, right in the centre, halfway between Sveti Sava and Kalemegdan.

I stayed in a fantastic room, a large suite which could welcome an entire family. They serve a generous and fancy breakfast in a lovely veranda dining room in the courtyard of the Hotel.

White and black marble, frame the floors of the hotel and the staircase has a wooden banister over a black metal railing.

On the top floor they have an attic with light wood flooring and large hatches which overlook the city; here they have a well equipped gym with a small reading and working area. The roof terrace is incredible; it has a breathtaking view over the city… the perfect place to admire a sunset or sunrise. They also have a small sauna and a massage service which you can book.

What else can I say? I started writing with the best intention of being brief, but it was almost impossible; I hope I’ve described enough to get your curiosity going and to express my enthusiasm for this wonderful city.

If you won’t take a trip to Belgrade, I definitely will. Again. I’ve already planned another trip before June… get ready for some more stories! See you soon!

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