16 October 2017

Portopiccolo SPA, the perfect place for wellness and relaxation

A beauty and wellness oasis in the heart of the Natural Reserve of Duino’s cliffs

The bora. The cliffs. Miramare. And the sumac plants, so dominant in the Karst landscape. If you’re imagining an article about the wonders of the Karst, I’ve misled you. Today I want to visit a place where relaxation and wellness are an easy habit; the perfect spot to regenerate your mind and body, surrounded by beautiful nature. Today we’ll be discovering the beautiful -  and elegant – Portopiccolo SPA by Bakel.

3600 square metres in the heart of the Natural Reserve of Duino’s cliffs, entirely dedicated to personal care, with emotional showers, pools, gyms and much more, all in a modern and stylish setting. I just needed to step into the SPA to understand I’d feel great here! The best part is that this lovely place is just a few kilometres from Trieste: what else could you ask for?


Whenever you need to recharge or if you ever feel like trying a new and refined treatment for your face and body, the best place is always here. Let’s discover this little corner of paradise surrounded by these white cliffs and blue sea J

The Beauty Spa offers many treatments, all signed Bakel, all with the most evocative names; there’s the Miramare treatment, relaxing and soothing, the Falesie (Cliffs) treatment, to drain and model, and Sommaco (sumac), energizing and anti-contraction. I treated myself to the loveliest face treatment! The convenient thing about coming here is that you don’t need to bring anything with you from home; At the entrance I was handed a bag which contained everything I needed, bathrobe and slippers included.




The changing rooms are comfortable and elegant. Leather puff chairs, dim lighting and refined details. The lockers for your personal items light up as you open them; they have hairdryers (and not the useless little travel ones!), hair-curlers, make-up remover, creams and cotton. Stress will just roll off you! And the showers? Another little jewel. The showers are individual…I was pleasantly surprised!



When I came here I forgot to bring shampoo and soap with me. It was not a problem at all, because in the shower area I found everything I needed… they even had conditioner! I couldn’t ask for more.

As well as their wide selection of treatments, Portopiccoo SPA also offers specific make-up sessions, for express make overs or future brides. As well as manicures, pedicures and waxing. Everything you can think of connected to the world of beauty and wellness.

I was completely stunned by the breath-taking view you can enjoy from the windows. And towards lunch time (it’s hard work, but someone must take care of this) I ate a pasta as I admired the Gulf from the large windows of the Cocoon bar. It’s an enchanted place… I love admiring the beauty of nature, as you know by now!




There are still a few interesting things I want to tell you about. If you decide to treat yourself to a couple relax experience, you can book the beautiful Panoramic SPA Suite, a corner designed for couples which also has a bath with particular treatments. You must try it! You can soak in water which has been treated with special sulphate magnesium salt. Soft light, music … what else 🙂







Don’t forget there’s also an indoor and an outdoor pool, the Kneipp treatment, Hammam, bio-sauna, Finnish sauna and Salt Therapy. For anyone who loves fitness they also have a gym area. And one last thing. MissClaire always keeps her eye out for good food as you know.









The Cocoon bar doesn’t only serve piadine. All dishes have natural, healthy and tasty ingredients; they also have choices for anyone gluten intolerant, for vegetarians and vegans. A customer focused restaurant.


This place is wonderful 🙂








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