14 February 2015

Vintage look in the Old Port

In between the old warehouses on a sunny day

How wonderful! February has given us one of those cold but beautifully clear and sunny days. There is no better place than “Porto Vecchio” – the Old Port of Trieste - as the setting for today’s vintage look photos.


Of course I’m not trying to recreate the atmosphere of those times, or I’d have to go back to the 18th century, the most thriving period for my city, when Trieste was the port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the emperor Charles VI issued the free-port permit, increasing the town’s trade with the rest of the world.


Today this area is one of the hidden wonders of the city, even if slowly it’s being retrieved and readapted (as a space for exhibitions); I suggest you have a look at it, at least through a “virtual system”: http://www.portocitta.com/it/porto-vecchio/
And so, as the sun warms us, here is the outfit I chose


I love vintage clothing, especially when mixing old clothing with modern pieces; it always makes me feel I’m wearing something more particular, maybe a unique piece with a special story to tell.

In this shooting I chose a short black 60’s wool coat, combined with a tartan jacket from the 70s and a fun bowler hat, hipster style.


A bit of Trieste’s wind called “bora” starts picking up, whipping our hair about our face and the bowler hat blows away, to be promptly replaced by a nice little woolly hat with “bunny ears”, an unusual hat that reminds us of something made for children, and so…
Teddy bear (my beloved travel companion on Instagram) can’t resist: he wants to pose with Carolina!
And here you have this new cute outfit, with a lovely balance between the old and the new, a bit like our “Porto Vecchio”.


Photographs by Raffaele Cavicchi http://instagram.com/ralfmalf

Coat - Jacket - Suitcase - Hats
(Boogaloo Via Diaz, 13 Trieste http://www.facebook.com/pages/BOOGALOO-vintage-and-more)

(Zara http://www.zara.com/it/)

(Bardot Via Madonna del Mare ,2/b Trieste http://bardotrieste.blogspot.it )

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