Colour and wall paper, here are a few suggestions…

How to give your home a new look.

On a few occasions, I was asked to help with some homes, that appeared quite anonymous and bland, to give them a more modern and attractive look. Most of the time it was the white walls that gave an anonymous look to the rooms.

We are often not confident enough to use different colours and so we choose a simple white, but with the right advice a little colour you can turn even the most boring room into a unique space.


It’s best to stay away from any pastel or dull colours and rely on colours that were fashionable in 2016-17, like a shade of peacock green, sage green or moss green, or blue in the relaxing tones of air blue, whale blue or petrol, red in vibrant tones like burgundy – all colours that should go on an only one wall to give the room a little depth – while leaving the rest of the room wrapped in calming natural colours of sand, dove-grey and warm grey.



In an old-style home, these colours help emphasize the original elements, like the frames of the doors and other decorations that should instead be painted in a simple white colour.



If you feel like daring a little more you can opt for wall paper, that has recently come back in fashion and are now produced in wonderful different colours and patterns, with geometrical shapes from the 50s and 70s, or neo-baroque designs, floral, optical and even a little “jungle”, to turn a corner of your home into an exotic garden surrounded by palm leaves.





You can even completely personalize the walls by choosing the modern wall paper that reproduces large images to cover an entire wall with a large famous painting, customizing the size and the subjects.




One last piece of advice: choose a colour that is predominant in the design of the wall paper and try to repeat it with your home objects, like fabric, cushions ton sur ton to place on the sofa.


Your home will now feel modern an personal!

Happy renovation to everyone



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