12 December 2016

Studiocinque e altro is moving and they’ll be waiting for you on the 15th of December!

Handmade design where the main character is always the fabric.

Almost two years ago I wrote about this wonderful workshop in Trieste and today I’m going back to it because they are moving to a new location, always in the same neighbourhood.

From the industrial building in Viale D’Annunzio 4, Paola Fontana (sister of Alessio Fontana from Fontana Luce Light Lab, remember?) and Roberta Debernardi decided to move to the old workshop of a bakery, turning it into their new atelier.

They couldn’t leave the neighbourhood though, because it’s part of their style: a place away from the city centre and a little multi-ethnic, in line with their idea of recovery and promotion of forgotten objects or places.

The place is in a little hidden road (via Leghissa 6°), and you’ll walk through a large door in iron and glass and step into a work of artwork in its original state, with the floors in salt and pepper marble and blue-green tiles on the wall that frame the two large areas divided by an archway, where worktops alternate with sewing machines.


Here all your dreams can come true thanks to the talent and flair of Paola and Roberta.

They are friends and have been business partners for ever, starting their adventure together by producing fashion accessories and then getting closer to the word of fabric and upholstery, by pumping new life into sofas, armchairs, making curtains and custom made objects.

They also created lovely toys for children with recovered fabric!

Look at the fish and the dolls…






If you want to give a new touch of life to some old chairs or armchairs, here are a few of their creations.



Paola, who studied at the European Institute of design, and Roberta, who used to be a restorer, have a great passion for fashion accessories: necklaces, broaches and new generation handbags; unique items to complete every outfit.













Many of you already know about Studiocinque e altro, but for anyone you would like to take a closer look at Roberta and Paola’s work, the invitation is for December the 15th in via Leghissa 6° for the opening of their new exposition space…!

“Joy and love are the wings for the greatest endeavours.”


Ph. Tommaso Lizzul



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