Skerk, wines from Trieste’s Carso

When traditions continue….

A few weeks ago I took part in a wine tasting that allowed me to get to know Skerk, a winery in Prepotto, in Duino-Aurisina (Trieste)


I found out their story and a few family secrets as I chatted to Sandi, the heir who now takes care of the business that his grandfather started.

Intrigued by his stories, I decided to go on a field trip to discover the seven hectares of vineyard owned by the Skerk family that has been producing wine for over 30 years: Vitoska, Malvasia, Terrano and a special blend called Ograde.

The system they use is completely natural, and starts with a 4 month maceration in upturned vats, 2 years of “rest” in large barrels of French oak and oak from Savogna, and finally, 3 or 4 months in steel tanks. This last step helps lighten its color as the sediments deposit.

The cellars are dug into the Carsic rock, where the humidity and temperature are stable and they confer to the nectar of Gods those properties that make it so unique a particular.

I had the chance to visit the cave-cellars, accompanied by Sandi’s father. In this place the sediments of the cave walls testify to the age of our Planet, a place where time seems to stop.

The cellar opens onto underground caves that speleologist still haven’t finished exploring… I’ve seen one that is more than 170 meters underground, a truly incredible sight! Sticky water runs down the cave walls, rich in silicon, a rare chemical element for Carsic rock that is usually rich in limestone.


The Skerk business isn’t only the perfect place where to taste excellent wines, but it’s also a journey to discover the beauty of Carsic rock and it’s specialties. The red earth, the bora winds ( that are needed to dry the vines after the rain so that mould doesn’t grow), the north wind, the sea salt, everything turns Skerk’s nectar into a heavenly elixir! If you’re in the area, stop by to have a look, I’m sure that you too will find something special!


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