11 July 2016

Excellent food at a good price? Gostisce Kapusin in Gradac.

An unexpected stop

During my last stop in Bela Krajina, as well as visiting producers and lots of nature, I was lucky enough to visit a wonderful restaurant!

As it had happened once before, always in Slovenia, even at Gostisce Kapusin I wasn’t too impressed as I pulled over with my car. But I don’t want to seem exaggerated so I’ll share this picture with you!What would you think when seeing this photo?


I thought the marble monolith looked a lot like a modern headstone! 😉

Welcome to Gostisce Kapusin!

I sit down and I’m pleasantly surprised by the accurate and elegant setting of cutlery, plates and glasses.

On the day of my visit, the restaurant was hosting a wedding reception in their garden, so the staff was so busy I was worried I might have to wait ages to be served.


Fortunately I was wrong! I barely had the time to wash my hands that the waiter came over with a lovely serving dish with elegantly presented strawberries and cherries. Perfect to accompany a nice champagne flute!




After a toast I went straight on to taste a nice boiled tongue, finely cut and served with fresh cheese!


Next I tasted a delightful lamb carpaccio, served with rocket salad and goat cheese, and a traditional dish: cheese strudel (belokranjska štrukljeva juha).




The care and beauty of each dish and the gourmet servings get me all worked up; I’m not sure if my excitement is caused by the newly weds who have just exchange their wedding vows or if it’s because of the delicious food I’m eating!




Next, they serve a plate of lamb ribs, with potatoes and rosemary sauce, accompanied by a steak and asparagus sauce!

Hurray for Slovenia and its spectacular meat!


Excellent local wines and an impeccable service accompanied the lunch; the waiters were flawless even if there was a wedding reception going on.


To end the meal I tried sweet bread called putizza, made with buckwheat and accompanied with a breath-taking Riesling selection.


Nothing left now but to ask for the bill!

“A man may be a pessimistic determinist before lunch and an optimistic believer in the will's freedom after it.”

(Aldous Huxley)



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