19 January 2017

C'era una volta: special grill in Trieste

Since the 1980s it’s the place to go if you love good meat

It’s been a while since I treated myself to a nice meat dinner, so I decided to go to C’era un volta, (Once upon a time) a famous restaurant in Trieste in the neighbourhood of Giarizzole, which the Tugliach family successfully runs since 1988.

C’era una volta is where I always used to go for family dinners in the 1980s and I have to say that their cooking was never a disappointment, and I’m always happy to go back there to taste their food.

Since 2012 it has been Matteo Tugliach - class of 1985 - to run the family activity. He’s passionate about great cuisine and has been continuing his family’s hard work.


It’s one of the few restaurants in Trieste that offers grilled meat; here they have incredible T-bone Chianina stake, selected filled or beef tagliata with a nice glass of red wine.

In a cosy environment, simple but typical, where wooden ceiling beams and a nice Karst brick stone wall warm up the atmosphere; an accurate table setting and fancy table cloth where all the lovely dishes I’m going to order will be placed.


And here are the first dishes!

I’m already in love with the rustic starter from Tuscuny: finocchiona (a salami variety), lard, pecorino cheese with a spicy pepper chutney served on small bruschetta.


Next is a selection of Pata Negra: ham, chorizo, pork loin and the best quality pate.


And finally, a lovely fillet and rump steak tartare, beaten with a knife (2 or 3 times until it’s finely chopped).


After all these great starters, I’m ready for a nice plate of gnocchi with artichoke cream, speck and truffle


But what I was really waiting for was the 1,3 Kg Fiorentina Steak: a pleasure for my taste buds!



I also tried an excellent fillet with cheese fondue and truffle.


And even the chips that were served with the meat were excellent: fresh and incredibly crunchy.


And to end the evening a lovely dessert.

I tried a millefoglie with mascarpone cream and fruits of the forest sauce and a chocolate brownie with vanilla cream and cocoa powder.



Full and satisfied, I warmed up from the cold weather thats wrapping my city in these days, with rich dishes from C’era un volta, that was completely booked, regardless the bad weather; thank you Matteo for finding a little spot form me, I’ll definitely be coming back soon…

Ph. Andrea Zangrando




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