9 January 2017

New year’s resolutions (2/2)

MissClaire’s 10 resolutions for a great 2017!

We had shared the first 5 new year’s resolutions dedicated to travel and fine dining … now I’ll tell you about the remaining 5.

I’m sharing them with you hoping they can inspire a truly magnificent year.

6. Furnish your home:

I can’t remember who told me this, but changing the setting of the furniture in your house every few years is great for both your mind and soul! Change the bedroom, or the living room, try asking an architect to help you renovate your home…

Ask Rosario for a few suggestions


Or get a little inspiration from MissClaireHome


Obviously, this is not exactly a small or simple resolution! But if you’re tight on the budget even a simple change like moving your table around might be a useful change 🙂

7. Fill your life with perfume:

Buy a new perfume! It’s true that everyone has their one particular scent, their own essence that makes them recognizable. But you should dare a little and try a change with a perfume from Always


Try ESSENZE, with its special fragrances, so special they’ll make anyone’s head turn!


Or let Marzia Valli guide you through her 5 perfumes…I did and it was definitely worth it

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8. Change your look:

Open your wardrobe, pick two things you haven’t worn much in the last two years and donate them, or find a second-hand market to sell them to. You’ll make someone very happy. Maybe someone who loves looking through market stalls like me. Or dare a little, and browse through shops like Spazio 11B , that sells clothes for men and women, a rich selection of historical brands and an amazing selection of accessories.



Rediscover a vintage look with Lazzari

Or let your femininity emerge with Anna Vedeneeva,AVCCOVERSS17

But never forget the particular, the unique, the only and harmonic…Stranomavero



Recycling is a wonderful thing! Giving new life to old object, wood, metal and fabric! Trust a few professionals who have made a career out of recycling. Just in Trieste there are a great number, and all of them are part of the evolution of my project

Blu di Prussia


Studio Cinque e Altro


Atelier Laboratorio degli In-Perfetti


Alberto Rocca




10. Fun:

And finally, my dear readers, have as much fun as possible! Climb up the trees and sleep in a treehouse in Bled


Have fun with the mirrors of Linz


Jump down the slides in the thermal baths of Warmbad


Make your life an incredible adventure!

Happy New Year!

MissClaire – lifestyle enthusiastic




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