L’Albero Nascosto

Discovering Trieste: sweet dreams in an 18th century building

A beautifully renovated building from the end of the 1700, in the heart of the city center, hides away a cute little hotel with 10 rooms and few small apartment.
The owner, Aldo, is an art collector and he invested his love for vintage objects into his hotel, decorating it as if it was his own.

Every room is different, and every corner of the building hides a story and is the result of careful attention to details.
The atmosphere of the original structure hasn’t been altered, and thanks to the architectonic elements that start out as being very particular, like white stone, solid wood and wrought iron, that all stand united in a style with essential lines, great simplicity and refined elegance.


The breakfast in the morning is served in the tavern, furnished with the same care as all the other rooms, and your day starts with the right mood, also thanks to the choice of food and beverage, the organic marmalades and the 16 different types of honey, the yogurt in little glass jars, and, of course the famous Trieste coffee.


PAre you ready to discover my town? You can move about on food (you are 3 minutes from the wonderful Piazza Unità) or with a Vespa scooter, another service offered by the hotel, with which you can easily move around: maybe go up to the top of the hill of San Giusto, reach the Miramare Castle or go out for a fish meal in the close town of Muggia.


Why is it called “Albero Nascosto” ? Come to find out , I recommend it !



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