23 ways to go to the beach in Trieste

A small guide of all the places to go to the beach surrounded by nature or exclusive resorts

Surrounded by the smell of sea…
Summer is finally here and I had to welcome it in the best of ways.

How? Simple! With an article that will take you off to discover the beaches and resorts around my city. Trieste has a very wide selection of places to choose from. Forget large endless beaches covered with umbrellas like in Riccione: you’ll find nothing of the sort here!

Here in Trieste all you need to do is put a pair of flip-flops on, take a little walk and you’re right by the sea. Almost as easy as getting into your bathtub at home!


Where to go to refresh a little and tan a bit? Let’s see them all starting with Muggia, passing through Trieste and all the way to Duino!

1.Fido Lido in Muggia. A unique space because it’s entirely dedicated to man’s best friend. The beach has a large open space and offers every kind of comfort.


2.Muggia free beach. From the Venezia sea front to the T pier all the way to Lazzaretto. Kilometers of cement, intervalled with a few rocks and stones, where you can spread out and relax. If you love Barcola (in Trieste) you’ll also appreciate this space in the little seaside city of Muggia.

3.Beach Resort Bagno San Rocco, always in Muggia. Equipped in the best of ways for children (there’s even a little play ground for young children) and with every comfort. If you love diving start queuing up! You can dive right off the high trampoline.

4.A for Ausonia. Just a few steps from the famous Pedocin there’s a respectible beach club which was built in 1937 by uniting the Military beach Sant’Andrea and the Savoia beach resort. 1.500 square metres of space to sun bathe, a swimming pool with sea water, solarium, trampolines and –for the youngest – a pleasant beach with little pebbles. They also have a bar and a suggestive terrace restaurant. Need anything else?

5.Alla Lanterna o Pedocin, on the Fratelli Bandiera pier, immersed in the centre of town. Does it really need an introduction? It’s rare and unique as it’s the last resort in Europe which is devided in an area for men and an area for women (also for children under 12). A white wall seperates the two areas; and it’s been the same since 1903, the year it was opened. If you want to feel like a real Triestine you should stop by for a visit!

6. The old damn A dream? A small oasis in the middle of the Gulf that you can reach in just a few minutes from Piazza Unità with a boat connection. The damn is peculiar for this reason: being far away from the city… but still in the city! Unfortunately it hasn’t opened yet!

7.The Marine Railroad beach in viale Miramare is worth mentioning. Opened in 1925 as a marine colony, until the sixties it was reserved for the employees of the National Railroad service that lived here with their families. The place has a platform for diving, a beach for children and a larger beach… in cement. It’s very popular for dinners and dancing.

8. B for Barcola I bet almost everyone has been to the most famous seafront in Trieste. In this period with the baking heat advancing, Barcola is practically assaulted by beach and tan enthusiasts. Some come with their sun bed, others just with a towel and some spend all the day here. From dawn ‘till dusk, they spend some time in the shade of the pine trees: this is Barcola Beach! The most famous free beach in Trieste – do I need to specify it? Only cement, no sand! – it’s a favourite for any Triestini.


The same for the unique Topolini, ten semi circular terraces ( they’re shape reminds you of the ears of the fun disney mouse) facing the sea and filled with teenagers or even older people. Feel like a swim? To reach the water just take one of the many ladders into the water or dive right in. Like at the Ausonia, this is the best place for acrobatic diving!

And the bivio?I haven’t forgotten. Where the sea front seperates from the main road and heads towards the Castle of Miramare there’s the bivio. One of the cities favourite places.

9.The next is Bagno Sticco. Placed on the road towards the Castle of Miramare and on the edge of the Marine Park reserve, this resort offers crystal clean water and a beautiful beach for parents and children. The changing booths from the 50s are a rare treat.

10. Grignano 1 also called Stabilimento Balneare Sirena, in the suggestive location of the bay of Grignano, the place offers two pools for families and young teenager. The perfect place for children!

11. Grignano 2 also called Stabilimento Balneare Riviera just below the hotel Riviera and you can even reach it with a lift (great!), this place is perfect for a little peace and quiet.


12.Along the Costiera you can walk down in many spots along steep paths that take you down to the sea. One of these starts from number 172 (the Tenda Rossa restaurant, so you have a reference): if you follow it down you’ll reach the pier of Santa Croce. If you take the stairs at number 216 you’ll reach a free beach, solitary… and surrounded by nature! These are all unique places.

13.The Free beach at the Filtri, you reach it walking down the Auguste Piccard road and down 64 steps (from where you see the juncture with santa Croce). The place is very cute: a beach of small white pebbles, crystal clear sea and a few pine trees where you’ll find a little shade from the summer heat. From here you can see the typical mussel farms and catch a glimpse of the Castle of Miramare. And if you stay untill dinner time you can eat at the Bellariva.


14. Filtri FKK A free beach for nudists. Once you pass the terrace of the Bellariva, all you’ll need to do is follow the beach towards the little marina: after the little patch of woods you’ll have reached destination. Surrounded by nature.



15. Liburnia next to the natural gallery, following the road to Sistiana, you’ll see a parking lot on your left; from here you’ll see a little path that you’ll need to follow to the free beach for nudists



16. Canovella degli Zoppoli Between the natural tunnel and the Ginestre (to reach it you’ll have to climb down a tiny path) is probably one of the nicest places along the coast. In the small marina next to the beach you’ll find a typicl local bar. Even here you’ll be surrounded by nature: rocks on one side, white pebbles under your feet and .. wonderful sea.



17. The Ginestre Is a unique place. The name means brooms, because as you face the sea the cliffs behind you are covered in broom plants. The beach is covered in tiny white pebbles; here you can rent umbrellas, sun beds and chairs and.. they even have a bar!

This enchanting spot from the sixties managed to bewitch even Mina, which was passing in the area for a tournèe.

18Costa dei Barbari you reach it by walking down a little road, it’s a nudist beach with cobbles and white pebbles completely surrounded by nature. It’s one of the few in Italy that’s gay friendly.


19. Portopiccolo Beach Club in Sistiana. A perfect Saint-Tropez style, exclusive and detailed, where you can live a VIP experience. Wonderful pools, crystal sea and any imaginable service, Wi-Fi included.


20.Free beach of the Cohiba on the left side of the bay, it encloses a unique area with mny different services like sun chairs and beds, umbrellas and showers. They also have a lounge beach bar to sip something fresh inbetween a swim and another.

21. Castelreggio beach resort in the bay of Sistiana. The beach is a stretch of small white pebbles; and if you get hungry you can eat something ant the restaurant with a bar they have on the spot. Comfortable.

22. Ex Caravella between Sistiana and Duino, in the area of the ex quarry there’s this incredible beach with small pebbles. The best part? You’ll be able to swim close to the castle of Duino!


23.Beach resort Dama Bianca in Duino. A beach with also has a terrace and a restaurant. What else to call it but exclusive!

What are you waiting for? Off to the beach!


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