21 December 2015

A few tips on how to get your table ready for the holidays

The clue word is “Spendind review”. Sometimes you don’t need much to make a great impression.

One of the unwritten rules of my life is to always look good without spending too much. This principle, that I often use in my style, I also applied it while setting the table for MissClaire’s Christmas lunch. A traditional, classic table but enriched with vintage details. For whoever likes this style will find the solution they need, and for who prefers a modern style or minimal or ethnic will be able to find – I hope – a few prompts. But let’s go by order.


The Colors. The table should be in tone with the colors of the environment, so that it blends in with what’s around it. For MissClaire’s table I chose light colors,  to match the natural tones of the furniture.

The tablecloth. I had to use three of them because I don’t own a table cloth long enough to cover the whole length of the table when it’s opened up to its full extent. I used two white cloths to cover the length (I inherited them from my grandmother) and then to covered the “junction” of the two I set on a beautiful tea cloth in linen with the edges in  bobbin lace  (which I bought at a market stall for 15.00 Euros).


The plates. I chose to use my Wedgewood plates, a wonderful English porcelain in a milky white tone that are part of a 12 set which is called “royal” (because it’s part of a 113 piece set among which they have trays, soup bowl etc.) that I bought second hand from someone, landing the best deal of my life: 130,00 Euros for the complete serve.

The cutlery. Definitely silver, they are a present from my mother for my wedding. Designed by Henning Koppel and produced by George Jensen Solv. Very modern, with a contemporary look even if they date back to 1957… but the Danish have been known to always have the leading edge.

The glasses. They are among the most “visible” accessories: the good old crystal glasses always have a special royal charm to them. I had found some at my grandmother’s house, but unfortunately she was well-known to be good at destroying such collections, so I managed to find a few mismatched ones: a small wine glass, three large water glasses, and five for liquor… what I like to call the “survivors of a battle”. To get a complete set all I did was keep a look out for something like this at second hand markets where I found a huge service of 50 glasses with a price between 1 and 2 Euros. So with a price lower than that of  Ikea I created a mismatched service, but with a wonderful effect.


The decorations. My table is always covered with  flowers. I get the form Ada, a florist with golden hands. I trust her and her taste to the point that I often let her choose the flowers for the compositions. Ada is truly a creative genius. My suggestion in this case is to go to your trusted florist and ask them for a few “left over” flowers (they always have some that look slightly battered so they don’t put them out). This way you will have the perfect floral decoration for your table (I always ask Ada to do this, and I assure you the result is always guaranteed).


So, to set a beautiful table all you need is inspiration, curiosity and good taste. At this point there’s nothing left but to wish you all great holidays!

Photo : Andrea Zangrando


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