The three-dimensional art of Paolin jewellery

A mix & match of creativity, technique and style


The jewellery I’m showing you today comes from the creative talent of Francesca Paolin, a young artist from Treviso.

I was lucky enough to meet this great designer at the event “La dolce vita” in Trieste, where I admired her creations and fell head over heels for her unique style.

Francesca started creating her first brand after years of work and studies.

Thanks to a prestigious training and an unmistakable talent she had the opportunity to work with some of the most important brands and designers in the jewellery industry.

Francesca’s creations are inspired by her family memories: a mother that made dresses all with hand sewn embroidery, a father with extravagant looks for the period, usually trying out a mix of modern and old clothes.

Her experience, her personality and her journey are all magically reflected in her collections, that result in overlapping shapes made in polyamide: large volumes concentrated on necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print02

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print03

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print04

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print01

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print05

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print02

This jewellery is definitely capable of animating any outfit!

The technique they use to make the jewellery is also a novelty: Francesca is always experimenting with new materials and techniques, and for her 2016/2017 collections she used 3D technology.

She starts with a model made out of paper or fabric, then, thanks to graphic software, creates a three-dimensional solid that she personally moulds and shapes to obtain the perfect jewellery. Once it’s perfected, the model will be printed in 3D and then hand painted, to create a unique result!

Francesca is always looking for new ideas and experiments, and she anticipated that for the following collections she will be using new materials, and I can’t wait!

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print06

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print09

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print10

Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print12Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print13Paolin Jewellery - FW 2016-17 - Print14


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