26 April 2016

Borsa Trieste? Our own handmade design!

In the heart of the city a new project takes off

I’m full of joy and excitement for today’s discovery: I’m going to tell you about a Made in Trieste project signed Marco Trevisan, 27 years old!

As I’m reading what seems like the 100th e-mail of the day, I find Alessandra’s message, she’s a MissClaire follower that writes:

“Dear MissClaire!

Congratulations for your blog, it’s really fun and interesting! I’m not sure if it may interest you but I’d like to point out Marco’s website, a young designer from Trieste that makes wonderful leather bags. If you’d like to have a look at his website it’s www.borsatrieste.com

I hope you don’t mind me making this suggestion, this young man is so talented, keen and modest that he deserves to be known!

Good luck with your work and thanks for the blog!


15 minutes later I’m on the phone with the designer 🙂



We start an accelerated conversation (at least, I do with my usual endless chatter) because I find myself on the phone with a shy and reserved young man that I almost overwhelm with questions: you know what I’m like ,definitely curious…

He initially started working as a graphic artist, moved to Milan for work for a few years, and then made his way back to his wonderful hometown which he missed very much: Trieste.

Once back he starts developing his true passion, design and leather goods and that’s how he creates Borsa Trieste, that opened in January 2016, with a Men, Women and Travel collection with captivating names that recall his city: CAVANA, PORTIZZA, AUDACE, REVOLTELLA, SISSI.









His time in Milan gave him the opportunity to be in contact with some companies from Vicenza and Varese from which he buys his made in Italy leather, different types, from the “pebble grain” leather that has a more uniform look, to the “natural grain” that is slightly softer but less compact.

The beauty of the this new brand is that Marco can create anything you desire, for men or women, because there’s even a custom made section, where you can free your most creative imagination. As the artist himself tells me, once they even asked him to make a leather trunk to be used as a bookshelf, so… said and done!

The same can be done for handbags, so you can choose the shape, size, the leather and the lining … all custom made, even with lovely hand-painted monograms!


Now let’s talk about the price, because they’re not inaccessible, considering that everything is hand made with the best Italian leather, so prices start at 100€ 🙂

So, this is my suggestion: Saturday 30th of April at the Knulp Bar in Trieste (Via della Madonna del Mare 7), Borsa Trieste will exhibit it’s new collection and you’ll have the opportunity to see and touch all its products and for whoever is interested you can also buy them! He’ll be presenting 3 new models, so I don’t know about you but I’ll be there!

But let’s not forget our “MISSCLAIRE SENDS ME”!

If this time you show up with this sentence, MissClaire will offer you free hand-painted initials on the bag you choose, to make it a more personal and always be up to date with the latest fashion …  that’s how I like you 🙂






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