3 November 2022

Advice for a Christmas made in FVG

Among crafts, small producers and pampering



M.A.D.A not just TEMPORARY LAB anymore


M.a.d.a is a project born in 2019, which was strongly desired by the City of Cividale and is completely dedicated to the artisan women of the area.

Cristina immediately started following this beautiful project from many points of view: she is very young, passionate, and trained in the field of art and design.

In 2021 she decided to officially make it her own and turned it into a concept store where she hosts 26 artisan women from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

The meaning of "temporary" has been changed: it no longer indicates the temporary opening of the lab but rather the time that individual artisans decide to stay within it.

Here at Caterina's, you can find in just one place unique tokens for your family, even for the little ones!

If you happen to be in Cividale, set your GPS on Largo Boiani 27: you won’t regret it!

You can also have a look at their online shop!


For those with a soft spot for fabrics, entering the magical world of Barbara, the beating heart of I Tessuti di Oplà, will be wonderful!

She welcomes you directly in her home, by appointment, but trust me, it’s not an ordinary home: a huge rustic wooden table will welcome you at the entrance, with thousand-pattern fabrics!

"Pattern" is a key word to Barbara: those who come to her are looking for special and brightly colored things, brocade and damask fabrics that are never ordinary. She jokingly says: "solid colors are everywhere!"

For Christmas she has chosen to offer something beautiful!

You can give friends and family a personalized voucher, or a fabric package, with which her trusted seamstresses, all from FVG, will then create the dream garment of the person receiving the voucher! From coats to skirts to tailored pants! Whatever they wish.

She reminds me that they don’t only create beautiful garments with her fabrics, but you can also request upholstery work, chair covers and small sofas specifically created according to your taste.

You can contact Barbara directly on WhatsApp at +39 371 414 9876

Or on her website 


Luisa and Paolo are proof of how wonderful it is to share a great passion in daily life, which, in their case, is towards ceramics!

It is an intense love that has lasted for 17 years now.

Because of their studies first and of their work later, they have lived in Venice, Amsterdam, Milan, and Lisbon. Each of these cities, in their own way, have contributed to the growth of this passion, enriching their knowledge of the field and deeply inspiring Luisa and Paolo.

In 2009 Terrami was born: it’s the result of continuous research, and study of the materials, driven by the desire to know and recover the ancient skills of the art of ceramics.

Their creations also come from the need to shape objects that have a specific function, such as their beautiful orchid vases. They call it craftsmanship of wit, which was born out of a passion for these plants, which require special care. Nevertheless, the product that has always distinguished them are their colorful cutlery rests, born from a nice intuition Luisa had.

Another kind of mesmerizing creations that have loads of enchantment and magic to them are the "hanging villages", where you can string flowers and small branches, creating delicate and precious compositions.

If you are interested in their products, you can contact Luisa on WhatsApp at the number

+39 320 057 9101 or on their web pages:



We are in Cordenons, in the pink, glamorous and bright realm of Valentina, a designer and artisan born in 1989.

According to her, jewelry can be tailor-made just like clothing, which is why she creates unique pieces with a thousand fantasies for her clients, with semi-precious elements, swarovski crystals and natural stones.

She customizes your accessories for any ceremony, even for your most important day.

Her primary need is to create something exclusive, special, and never ordinary!

Her Christmas-themed creations, equally suitable for young and old people, await you.

If you can't reach her shop, don't worry, she ships everywhere!

Web Site


The Ragnatela Social Cooperative was founded in 2000: its headquarters were first in San Daniele del Friuli, but they have now moved in nearby Majano.

The Cooperative’s beating heart, Serena, tells me that the core value for them is to express their wealth by bringing together the quality of an artisanal product, handmade by their members, and social and labor integration for disadvantaged individuals with little work abilities.

The artistic workshops of weaving and ceramics, which are the artistic soul and solid base of the cooperative, are a perfect representation of the great Italian craft tradition. The creations of Rosanna, an expert and imaginative weaver, are one-of-a-kind, and she often makes them with fabrics donated by private individuals or salvaged from large companies that couldn’t use them otherwise.

The skilled hands work the pottery, creating enchanting objects, patiently decorated.

You can personally see and purchase the beautiful products made by the Ragnatela Cooperative at their shop in Majano, where Rossana will be happy to listen to your wishes to create any customized products.

If you are far away, Serena will be ready to take your orders through her Instagram page or through a simple call.

Cellphone: 328 45 43 733




“ Collanevrosi is a pun in Italian, which means "necklace neurosis"”, explained Lodovica, jokingly: she’s the creator of this brand and has an intense passion for her work.

Her creations are enchanting, delicate, and elegant. I would recognize them among thousands, she puts her soul in each and every one of her pieces, along with her vision of the world, and her feelings.

She dreams of them, imagines them, designs them, and shapes them, tirelessly searching nature for inspiration, through its shapes, scents, and sounds.

To give one of her creations as a gift is to give an emotion.

You can find her in Piazza Barbacan in Trieste at Atelier Combinè or on her website 



The creative soul of Soba is the beautiful Mara Pavatich, who grew up among fabrics, balls of yarn and needles of the trade. She learned all the tricks from her grandmother without realizing it, waiting for the right moment, when she decided to follow in her footsteps. Having graduated in design in Milan and in tailoring in Trieste, her artistic identity began to slowly define itself, taking shape, blossoming. After years of work, Soba was born; it means "room" in Slovenian, it’s a container for everything she holds dear, from work to family photos; it’s a room filled with secrets to discover, full of colors and precious fabrics.

She has always been passionate about knitwear, as well as tailoring with garments cut to measure, with attention to detail and fitting.

The garments she makes often start as white fabrics, which come to life at the moment of dyeing, either by brush or in the firing process, where they take on the distinctiveness Mara is looking for. For items knitted with yarn, she uses the same method, combining yarns of different thickness and color, creating wonderful shades and textures.

She works each item with the utmost precision and care with high-end yarns, putting the customer's request first. What Mara offers is the chance to customize, to play with color combinations and volumes creating truly unique pieces!

By gifting a piece created by her hands, you will end up wearing a cloud of softness!

Instagram Page




If you've never entered the workshop of Dezen Dezen, also known as Marco Coccolo and Michele Grimaz, you definitely need to pop in! You will be catapulted into a world of wonderful colors and prints with a vintage and very modern flavor at the same time!

Theirs is an artisanal workshop that reinvents the ancient tradition of the Balkan-origin scarf, an activity in which Marco's family had specialized since way back in 1938! Their line includes items such as sweaters, sweatshirts, capes, and accessories such as pochettes, cotton bags, bandanas, and beautiful notebooks: they only make these in small runs and use the original silkscreen paintings; they also use top quality materials and are giving new life to traditional Eastern European designs.

If you are far away and don't have a chance to visit the workshop in person, don't worry, they have a beautiful online shop!


Massimo Ciscato, whom you have met before through my stories, is a blacksmith.

The Italian word for blacksmith is fabbro, a word he told me he likes to use because of its deepest meaning: it comes from the Latin word "faber", meaning craftsman, builder, the one who creates.

He actually works iron in all its forms and for all its uses.

Iron is a multifunctional material and Massimo wanted to bring out its elegant soul, using it to create some very special vases.

These objects are a demonstration of how geometry can also have an artistic value and a harmony of its own.

These vases are in fact regular dodecahedrons, and they have many uses: smaller sizes may be useful to decorate shelves and tables in homes and offices, and the giant ones may serve as planters or umbrella stands!

They can be made in any size and coloring.

For more information you can write directly to Massimo on Instagram at the Ciscato Design profile or text +39 3428442002




We take your mind to Japan, introducing you to Arianna and Giulia, two very young sisters who, since the very near 2021, have been embarking in the creation of kimonos that are nothing short of gorgeous!

Everything started from their desire to have these special garments for themselves: they told me that by wearing a kimono they have always felt good about themselves, beautiful and original.

Not finding any garment that would satisfy them, they decided to create them themselves!

Arianna, the older sister, had been cultivating a passion for sewing for a while, on a par with her passion for the Orient. In fact, she has a degree in Oriental languages and cultures from the University of Venice.

Giulia, the youngest, manages everything that has to do with communication, social medias, and marketing, which is her bread and butter even at Uni, which she attends in Rome.

A very important thing I must tell you is that they look for fabrics in woven emporiums where they only keep offcuts, both because of a policy of eco-sustainability and the desire to create unique pieces.

Either way, they are happy to listen to the customer’s taste and desires and go for a specific search for a particular color or pattern.

They also sew kimonos pant suits, and robes, which are now even warmer for the forthcoming cold weather and can be customized for brides.

To order their products you can contact them on their Instagram page 

Or directly on WhatsApp at +39 347 354 5363




For those who love the scent of paper, the pleasure of actually writing down appointments, thoughts, and drawing in beautiful notebooks, we recommend Legatoria Ciani, a workshop that specializes in classic and artistic bookbinding since 1942!

You’ll find the very sweet Paola to welcome you in the workshop in Colugna, in the outskirts of Udine: she has been running the business since 1998 and in 2015 she received the title of "Master Craftsman" from the Udine Chamber of Commerce.

There, among colorful papers, glues, rulers and above all a lot of manual dexterity and imagination, Paola creates small works of art: she creates anything from diaries and notebooks to everything related to accessories for big life events (wedding favors, invitations, and albums)

We recommend you visit her in her small but very well-kept world so you can smell the scent of this ancient craft.

However, if you are far away you can also find her creations on her Etsy page

For more information call: +39 0432542021

Or email legatoriaciani@tin.it




Manuela, the mind and heart of Mandulis, has always had a passion for textiles, essential design and a desire to create objects that convey emotion.

She designs and handcrafts backpacks, bags, clutches, and accessories in small runs, using the highest quality materials.

For Christmas (but not only), Manuela has thought of all those boyfriends and husbands who would like to give a personalized gift to their girlfriend or wife but are afraid of making a mistake! Here they can purchase a gift certificate for the creation of a personalized backpack! The characteristics, fabric colors, leather, and size can be chosen and determined directly by the lucky maiden with the help of Manuela, who will create a unique product for her.

In parallel, her love for slow living, for a lifestyle in direct contact with nature, led Manuela to more recently open Adimbra, a concept store where you can find design and craft products for your home and garden.


For more information email info@adimbra.it

Or go to the websites below Adimbra or Mandulis




Entering the world of Lara, the heart of Officine L'amour, feels like being transported to a late 19th-century Paris, elegant and romantic.

Growing up with her mother and grandmother, who were always busy with needles and crochet hooks, and observing, she developed a passion for creating objects with her own hands.

At the same time, she became a fresco restorer and lived surrounded by art, travelling, and living in many different cities before settling in Udine, her hometown.

She’s always been in love with the retro style and French romantic atmospheres, so she approaches a creative process which derives from the sartorial ateliers of the past.

She creates timeless, refined, and intriguing feminine accessories, using precious materials and searches for precise details.

Lara also offers bespoke services: you can decide on the size, design and fabric of hats, turbans, and headpieces, all of which will be completely handmade for you.

Go have a look on her website

Phone number +39 338 335 1882

Email officinelamour@gmail.com




Elena has been involved in ceramics for more than twenty years: she conceives, creates, decorates, and teaches the art of this ancient and versatile material.

It is an ever-evolving path, she says: clay is a living material to be repeatedly discovered. Depending on the mixtures, the type of decoration, the kind of firing, and the modeling techniques, everyone can obtain unique pieces, create product lines, and give a unique and personal imprint to what they create.

Knowing how and how much to wait is the biggest and most therapeutic lesson of ceramics, especially for someone as impulsive and hyperactive as Elena, she told me with a smile.

She particularly works with stoneware, which is more durable and also suitable for baking. In fact, she has a line of ramekins and molds for cupcakes and muffins!

She gets her first inspiration from the shapes and colors of nature, hence the "Iarbatis" line, which in Friulian means weeds and takes its shape from the impression of the grasses she finds in the meadows, and the "Forinfiore" line, glazed stoneware discs for flower arrangements and for creating cuttings.

What’s typically Christmassy, on the other hand, are her ginger grater saucer mugs, truly distinctive!

You can see her work on Instagram 

And contact her at e.bo@live.it



Rangi is an all-Italian brand created by Rossella, a young entrepreneur from Veneto with a passion for nature and the sea.

In her home lab she designs and makes swimsuits, dresses and beachwear and sells everything through her online shop.


She mainly creates garments you can order: on her website, she presents the models she can make, and the customer is free to choose the fabric and compose the bathing suit as she likes, customizing it completely, in terms of size, shape, pattern and details.


The added value of her creations are the fabrics she works with, which are not that common: in fact, she searches for special fabrics that can make the woman who’ll wear it feel unique and good about herself.

Why choose Rangi? Because her experience helps women all over Italy and by choosing her you will have the chance to wear a bathing suit that no other woman will wear: a unique piece, tailor-made, with attention to detail to make every woman feel comfortable with her every shape.

Rossella’s at your service and you can contact her via the website or through her Instagram page Rangimadeinitaly.




Cinzia has been in the fashion business for more than 40 years, but it was on the stroke of her 50s that she decided to turn over a new leaf, leave her clothing stores and follow the passion that drives her to change more than anything else: to help her clients enhance their strengths, feel beautiful and satisfied with their appearance.

She trained in the best academies in the industry, learning from people like Carla Gozzi and Rossella Migliaccio.

All while working as an image consultant, Cinzia personally organizes training courses for those in the garment industry who wish to advise and guide the client also from the point of view of color analysis and body/facial shape, in order to offer a more complete and competent service.

For Missclaire’s Advent Calendar, Cinzia offers her services at a special price!

Until January 15th, you can book:

- color analysis session for 150 Euros, instead of 180 Euros.

- facial or body shape consultation for 150 Euros, instead of 180 Euros.

And lastly, a very profitable package that includes a full day dedicated to:

- decluttering of your closet

- color analysis

- reorganizing your winter wardrobe following your palette

500.00 Euros instead of 800.00


For more info and booking, you can reach Cinzia here:

E-mail info@cinziacedi.it

Cellphone +39 335 524 0929



MissClaire's Advent Calendar goes to the very near Veneto, in Concordia Sagittaria to be exact, just to introduce you to Estetica Gardenia, Rossana’s elegant realm: she has been passionately involved in beauty and wellness for almost 30 years.

She started Be Beautiful in 2017, thanks to her experience: it’s a biodynamic cosmetic line with a very high content of active particles, and it’s ideal for all skins, even the most delicate.  This small, yet ambitious project has 4 indispensable features at heart: effectiveness, safety, freshness of raw materials, and eco-sustainability.

If you want to treat yourself to a little moment of wellness and pampering, Estetica Gardenia is there for you.

Click here to find out about Be Beautiful Cosmetics


Monday throught Friday  9.00 – 19.00

Saturday 8.30 - 15.30



We are in Savorgnano del Torre, in the province of Udine, where Marco, born in 1987 (what great year!) founded his winery in 2015.

He wants to represent this little-known part of the territory with his wines.

All the vineyards he works on are historic and located in the hills and his grapes are produced with organic methods, without any use of chemicals.

He produces 2 wines, 2 whites, a Friulano called Sorelle, given that land above which the vineyard stands is owned by 3 sisters, and a Verduzzo, which he called OgniCost, a name that came about as a result of a joke at the time of the land purchase, when he was told that he "had to buy it at any (“ogni”) cost!"

The red, on the other hand, is Massale, made from refosco dal peduncolo rosso grapes.

During the Holidays (but also at any other time), you can buy his wine in beautiful gift boxes or book a tasting with him in the small, dedicated room amid the vineyards of Savorgnano.

Web Site


Vigne degli Olmi is a beautiful family-run farm in the heart of the Colli Orientali, to be precise in Dolegnano, not too far from Cividale del Friuli.

The soul of the winery is Eugenio who, after spending some time overseas working in filmmaking, has come back home, and has decided to take over the reins left by his grandfather Elio and his uncle Tarzio.

With determination and patience, he acquired the skills and qualifications needed to carry on the family business.

That's how in 2014 he decided to open to the public, and now you can taste the wine and beer they produce along with typical local products.

He has Valentina at his side, both in life and work: she’s an endless source of ideas, takes care of all the social medias, and organizes and promotes events for the company.

For Christmas (and beyond), they designed beautiful wooden boxes where you can put their bottles of wine, or beer, or both together, why not! The great thing is that they are customizable with logos, names, and phrases of your liking! To me, that’s a beautiful gift!

They kindly ask you to book the customization at least a week in advance, as each box is individually prepared by them.

You can order them by emailing vignedegliolmi@gmail.com

They will arrange delivery days in the different provinces of Trieste, Gorizia, and Udine so as to facilitate pickup even for those who live far away.

Web Site




This family farm based in Verona, more precisely in the small village of Racchiuso, was founded in the 1950s and was immediately involved in viticulture and beekeeping.

After his agricultural studies, third-generation member of the family Michele took over his grandfather's and father's legacy and together with his sweetheart Chiara, he built a new and beautiful reality, transforming the old store into an agritouristic restaurant in 2021.

During the Holiday season (and beyond of course), you can find their wines (verduzzo, friulano, merlot, cabernet franc, refosco dal peduncolo rosso) in gift boxes of 1, 2 or 3 bottles each.

They want to underline how all of their wine making is done by hand, from the vineyard to the bottle!

They have also made available some gift boxes with their delicious honey: linden, wildflower, chestnut, acacia, and dandelion. They only have 25 hives, hence their production is fairly limited, so... you have been warned....

I highly recommend you pay a visit to this beautiful place, where you can enjoy a good board of local cold cuts with a glass of their wine.

Instagram & Facebook


I already told you about the wonders that Piero Zerbin and all his staff create last November, when I organized with them a tour of their chocolate factory for my birthday, with fifteen of my followers: this company is unique in Friuli Venezia Giulia! I remember that with a reservation it’s always possible to visit the facility and see the wonders they create in there, live!

If you want to read the article again, here it is

Just like in the well-known movie, they make chocolate starting from the cocoa bean, roasting and processing it to create products one better than the other.

But let's get to the point!!! For this Christmas they have created 3 super boxes with different products inside, not only chocolate-based, but all made in FVG and eco-friendly.

Here are the descriptions for you:



Mocha coffee

"Our shortbread" cookie bag

"Baci di Cocambo" dragées

Caramel spread

1 raspberry dark chocolate bar

1 milk and hazelnut chocolate bar



Cavasso onion and raisin jam

Bag of "Polentine" cookies

"Baci di Cocambo" dragées

"Dark orange" dragées

Gianduja chocolate spread

"Katia" cookie

1 Piran salt chocolate bar

1 Sea buckthorn and hazelnuts chocolate bar

"Scuisit" snack cookie



Cocoa bean herbal tea

"Bagigiotti" cookies

"Baci di Cocambo" dragées

"Dark orange" dragées

Peanut spread

"Katia" cookie

"Scuisit" snack cookie

1 Piran Salt chocolate bar

1 Peru 72% dark chocolate bar

1 Sea Buckthorn snack

1 Cocambo coffee snack

1 Alc di Bon

For every Energy Box sold, Cocambo will give the person who buys it a free factory tour for one person so they can learn about where and how the products they are going to taste are made.


You can find Cocambo in Aquileia in Viale Stazione 2/A

You can contact them at +39 3464792028

Or email them at info@cocambo.com

Web site


Everyone needs a pampering now and then, and Rossana satisfies everyone's desires, even those who cannot eat classic sweets due to problems with celiac disease or intolerances, such as lactose.

Rossana was born in 1988 and was raised in Milan; after graduating from law school, she jumped into a much sweeter world with great passion.

She trained in the best academies and workshops and then, out of love for her Alessandro, she ended up in Gradisca d'Isonzo, where she opened Pasticceria Rossana in 2018, which soon became a point of reference for the town's inhabitants.

Here, together with her all-female staff, Rossana welcomes you to a modern and comfortable environment where you can pamper yourself with her sweets and an Illy’s signature coffee.

In addition to traditional pastries, she makes maltagliati, sachertorte, fruit baskets, cream puffs, cookies, all strictly gluten-free; you will also find vegan products, such as delicious cookies!

Along the same lines Rossana has created jams and marmalades made of fruit by 70%, following her childhood recipes. They’re a beautiful idea for a Christmas gift, along with the jars of in-oil vegetables also produced by her.

During Christmas season, of course, her leavened goods and traditional desserts are also waiting for you, always in a gluten-free version!

Web Site



















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