23 December 2015

Maritani patisserie: traditional sweetness since 1928

One of the best pastry workshops in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Today I’ll tell you a sweet story, but first I’d like to make a little introduction. In order to write this post I spent a lot of time in the workshop of Maritani patisserie in Staranzano (Go), immersed in a world of which I was oblivious and that surprised and amazed me.

I was lucky enough to spend time with the gurus of patisserie and get to know the great Maritani family (because they are much more than just a staff of people who work together), discover and carefully observe their work before telling you all about it. The passion, research and the unconditional love for the art of pastry making, is a story I couldn’t leave out of my blog.

The history of Maritani family started in 1928 with Carlo, that after a few years passed his rolling pin, the symbol of power for this small workshop, over to his son Ottavio, that along with Rosalba and surrounded by flour, pastries, chocolate and cream, got to place to grow spectacularly.


Ottavio and Rosalba spend a lifetime together, dedicated completely to their work and family. Their children are Sandro and Paolo. Both brothers attended the “Istituto Statale per l’Arte Bianca” in Torino, where they started a long educational path – that has still not come to an end – made of a lot of work, inturnships, masters and continual updates to improve their techniques and handy work with raw materials.


Over the last days I became Ottavio and Sandro’s shadow, following them everywhere, and carefully observing every single step of their job. It was enough time to understand that the stone grounded flour, the dough, the Vanilla from Thaiti, and hazelnuts from Piemonte (and much, much more) are the key to the success of their products. They never stop looking for excellent raw material, never thinking too much about the price.

Like an old lady, fragile in her structure, but rich in “life experience”, Sandro works the dough that is almost 95 years old, but that, if treated properly, is capable of exceptional results.


The thing I regret is not being able to communicate the wonderful smells of the workshop: from the smell of fresh pastry with hazelnut chocolate, to the cream in the little pastries or the essences of each aroma.

I wanted to follow step by step the preparation of the panettone and of the Maritani Pan Natale (Chritmas bread), simple and delicious recipes that change slightly from the classic Christmas panettone. They use natural ingredients, the same ones that their grandfather Carlo used to use: yeast base, without monoglycerides or other similar fats, with hand made candied fruit and hazelnuts and chocolate, and muchì more.





The panettone is made just 15 days before Christmas because it doesn’t have preservatives so they can’t make them any sooner. You can imagine how chaotic the workshop is during December… it turns into Father Christmas’ workshop!




After the holiday mayhem everything goes back to normal, and that means wonderful pastries for any occasion. If you order a cake from Maritani pastry shop you can be sure to get the best from the area. You can find their cakes and pastries in Laboratorio Maritani Staranzano , at Caffè Carducci in Monfalcone, at Caffè Vatta in TriesteCaffè Teatro Verdi in TriesteIllyteca in Trieste and Padova, Pasticceria Bertoni in Ronchi dei Legionari, at Caffè Roma in Portogruaro and many other places…







I’m sure I’ve said almost everything, I might have forgot something important, but hopefully I managed to share with you, even if briefly, this emotional and sweet moment!

Photo: Andrea Zangrando







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