An afternoon tea fit for a king: Hotel Cafè Royal London

A traditional British afternoon appointment in a golden chest

As you well know I love traditions. You also know London is my favourite capital. And I’ve already had to admit that I sometimes like to indulge in a little luxury.

So you can imagine how satisfied/emotional/delighted I was when stepped over the threshold of the Oscar Wilde Bar, a precious place hidden inside hotel Cafè Royal on Regent Street.




The first thing I noticed were the sparkling of gold on the walls, the bronzed mirrors and the frescos on the ceilings. The atmosphere is elegant but on this Friday afternoon the room is filled with different groups with a festive and informal feeling: a group of friends taking a break from shopping between Mayfair and Oxford Street, a middle-aged couple celebrated the start of the weekend, and a family of tourists, all handsome-blond-tall, admires the best of British tradition.




The list of teas is obviously well selected, they have white tea, green and fruit blends. The selection of mini-sandwiches and canapés is delicious, both in the presentation and in the taste, and to taste it better I allow myself some French bubbly.

I’d say I was fully satisfied even with just this, also because the music from the piano contributed to pleasing also my last sense: hearing!


But then the Toastmaster stepped into the room to welcome the guests, telling us fun facts about the time that Oscar Wilde was sitting just a few tables away from where I was, and from the laughter of the guests it’s obvious he’s showing off perfect British humour.


It’s time for cakes, little butter devils filled with calories but they look and taste incredible. I shouldn’t but…how can you not be tempted in such a place?




This is definitely a special place to go if you’re visiting the centre of London, not just for afternoon tea but also for a special evening (or for New Year’s Eve). A dive into the royal past of this great Country.

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