Christmas markets in Klagenfurt

An Austrian-flavored weekend!

November came in a blink of an eye and I promised myself that I would stay in Trieste to follow all the programmed events (that I told you about some days ago). But promises are also made to be broken, so, a free weekend in my hands, I got into my car and after a two-hour drive I arrived in Klagenfurt right on time to see the Christmas markets opening event! It’s so wonderful, here everything is already decorated and ready for the holidays: lines and lines of colored lights light the city center of a cozy warm yellow…the atmosphere brings me back to my childhood!

In the central square you can find a splendid market, whose stands are made of wood and where the many local artisans put on display their handmade work and many objects; then of course there is a mulled wine stand at every corner, pretzels, sausages and làngos, giant fritters that originate from Hungary, to taste with a garlic sauce or with ham and cheese. So good!

This year’s news are a group of stands coming from Alpe Adria that gather producers from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and northern Italy. Klangefurt has always cared a lot about this area, so much so that they are developing a marvelous project, which I already talked to you about

To promote this beautiful project, many groups that actually come from Alpe Adria were invited on the stage at the opening ceremony…one of them was remarkable! I’m talking about the Sound Jumble, a Venetian band that delighted the audience with their rearranged versions of the most popular Christmas songs.

But it’s not over, because there are plenty of events in Klagenfurt! Next weekend you will have the chance to see the biggest Krampus parade of all Austria, more precisely on November 23rd. For more information about all the events that will be held during the Advent, click here

Do you really think I didn’t take advantage of this hit-and-run and didn’t try any new restaurant? Of course I did! And I feel like giving you a piece of advice.

You have to try the Wispelhof, a wonderful place right out of the city center and easily reachable by foot. It really is a marvelous place; it has been completely renovated and its architecture reminds me of the typical lake houses with big windows, wood, minimal and modern furniture. Then I wanted to take it over the top and I expressly asked the chef and owner, Thomas Kropfitsch, to bring me a tasting menu.

Brill, sweet-water fish and game were served along with wonderful local (but also foreign) wines. The service was impeccable and the dishes tasted amazing. You guys should go see for yourselves 🙂

I also found Schweizerhaus really good. To go eat there, however, you will need to take the car, as they are outside the city center, surrounded by the woods. It is worth it, though, as from here you will enjoy a breathtaking view and take a walk into nature that now only shows autumn colors.

Sadly, I couldn’t take any pictures because it was raining the whole time. But as for the dishes, here they are: the fish soup and the turkey were amazing!

The atmosphere is rustic but makes you feel really, really cozy.

Tic, tac, tic, tac… time’s up! It’s now time for me to go back home. If you have the opportunity to enjoy a weekend (or maybe a couple of days more) in this small area of Carinthia, let my old articles inspire you.

See you next time!

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